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  1. roy richardson

    Big baby build

    I built one of these things 3 years ago and love it.  I have burned a hole in the top of the firebox barrel, and have a question.  The bottom half is lined with curved, tongue and groove firebrick.  I am looking at a new barrel for the bottom and am considering lining it with thin stainless...
  2. roy richardson

    Should I put a rotisserie on this thing?

    I built this smoker and love it.  I have a rotisserie we picked up in a thrift store and it works.  Is it worth it to mount it to a smoker?

  4. roy richardson

    Chili and bean pots

    What are your receommendations for the best way to smoke some chili or beans?  I finally have the Big Baby built and running, and with fall here some chili or beans sounds like an idea I can run with. Any recommendations on hardware?
  5. roy richardson

    Big Baby Build Questions

    Here is the cooking rack for the Big Baby aka The Beast
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  8. roy richardson

    Big Baby Build Questions

    we are close to having her done.  I'm getting excited
  9. Big Baby Build Questions

    Big Baby Build Questions

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  11. roy richardson

    Best metal for a diffuser

    Stainless steel if it is available?
  12. roy richardson

    Best metal for a diffuser

    I need to make a couple of diffusers for my Big Baby and I was looking for some suggestions on what type of metal to use for the diffuser.
  13. roy richardson

    Big Baby Build Questions

    I am contemplating building removable diffusers for when I want to have a cool(er) side.
  14. roy richardson

    Big Baby Build Questions

    pardon my ignorance, but what is a reverse flow?
  15. roy richardson

    Big Baby Build Questions

    that was my thought as well.  Dampers in the 4" and the good circulation pattern would go well with the two 6" dampers that control the flow from the firebox to the smoker surface.
  16. roy richardson

    Big Baby Build Questions

    I am building this bad boy and have a couple of questions. For the exhaust chimneys, should they be 6" or can I use the smaller 4" and keep the smoke in longer? Also, should I put the chimneys in the bottom half of the top or the upper part?
  17. roy richardson

    New to Smoking and building a Big Baby

    it is off to the sandblaster and good things have already happened.  A guy at church had a cherry tree blow down in a storm  :) Then a neighbor cut down a hickory tree and asked if I wanted it.  Duh! I can't wait!
  18. roy richardson

    Question about burning a barrel out

    I just burned mine out with a propane weed torch and am taking it to a buddy with a sandblaster.  I'm thinking the combination of the two will remove the food grade liner.