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  1. lantern

    UMAi Spanish Chorizo

    Thanks for posting this. I've been enjoying this thread.
  2. lantern

    Brisket burgers

    I do this on the regular. My wife LOVES both smoked brisket and blackstone brisket burgers. So When I buy one there's always a moment that SHE decides how it will be eaten. I love making both so it doesn't matter to me. LOL! Looks like you knocked it out of the park.
  3. lantern

    Exciting Find, Resturaunt Depot

    If you are a KCBS member you get day passes as well.
  4. lantern

    Buying new smoker- Need advice

    If you are looking at the Pecos I strongly recommend you take a good look at their over under smoker. I think it's one of the best values out there and the design makes up for some of the shortcomings of what lower priced offset units have(uneven heat, heat loss). If I was told to run out and...
  5. lantern

    Hobbies other than smoking/cooking

    This thread got me to thinking.... What ARE my hobbies?? Then I realized that outside of my job..EVERYTHING I do is some sort of hobby. Cooking, watching sports and racing, videogames, fishing, guns, trying to make a child, travelling and trying to make a child in other lands.....ect! My inner...
  6. lantern

    What you guys think of this unit?

    And THAT'S why it's bad for my wallet to read this stuff. Now I need AT LEAST one extra Anova! I had never even thought of doing multiple meats and veggies. SMDH!!
  7. lantern

    What you guys think of this unit?

    You are on a BBQ board and ask what we are cooking that needs that much room? LOL!!! In all seriousness though I have done prime rib, spare ribs and a packer brisket. All three of those require quite the big vat of water. Also, the sous vide is just as useful to me as a warmer and is a...
  8. lantern

    What you guys think of this unit?

    I wouldn't get this unit considering that you are trying to convince your wife. The reasons being that this unit is relatively LARGE and will remain so even when you are not using it and going by the reviews it has a tendency to rust after its easily scratched coating becomes compromised and it...
  9. lantern

    Made my 1st KIELBASA (long)...

    It's too early on a Sunday morning and my mind can't get past the title of this thread as well as some of the comments. SMH. LOL!!! On topic. THANK YOU for this post! It has inspired me to give this a shot in the next couple weeks!
  10. lantern


    GREAT post!!!! You said you wanna try Berkie babybacks and I've had them and they are great. But, if I were to show somebody the magic of Berkshire pigs I would DEFINITELY tell them to get cuts that people usually complain about drying out. Let me tell you. If you get a bone-in pork...
  11. lantern

    PaPaGrizz is still Alive

    I'd take a good look at the new Rec Tec 590. But, it is tough to Say no to the woodwind with that searing burner. Heck I've thought about buying the burner myself to attach to another pellet cooker. LOL
  12. lantern

    Help me pick new smoker/grill

    You should expect longer than 10 minutes to get to 450 for sure. The trick is to remember to start the grill before prep and the extra amount of time will most likely not even be noticed.......unless your prep takes less than 10 minute. LOL!
  13. lantern

    Help me pick new smoker/grill

    I just went through this decision process and went with the newly updated Mak 1 star general with extra rack. HOWEVER, since it hasn't got here yet I would feel foolish talking like it was amazing without having used it for a while. HOWEVER, I will comment on your kamado choices. I think you're...
  14. lantern

    Best electric

    If the question really is "Best" electric my vote is hands down Cookshack. They cost more, but are made in America not China and have the Ability to get to 300 degrees which is really nice when you're cooking chicken. 
  15. lantern

    Carolina Sauce

    Here's the best way to look at Carolina sauces. Look at the Eastern side of the state as vinegary with smacks of black pepper and red pepper flakes. And look at the VERY west of the state as sweet as sugar with lots of ketchup and hints of molasses. As you draw your finger from east to west...
  16. lantern

    What do do with Pork Jowl?

    Best way I've found to describe hog jowls that are cured/smoked is bacon meets fatback. And you can use them in every dish you use both of those in.
  17. lantern

    Charcoal vrs. Pellet smokers

    I've found that the biggest flavor advantage(only in smoke) that stick burners have over pellet comes in the large cuts of meat such as pork butt/shoulder and packer briskets.  But, when it comes to chicken and ribs, pellets make a mean mean product! Especially chicken since it takes smoke so...
  18. lantern

    New to the forum but not BBQ

    Hello. My name is Chris. I post on other forums under lantern as well. Just figured I'd join the fun here. Bring another NC boy's flavor if ya will. ;)