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  1. coldrice

    Recteq or Grilla?

    Any reason why? Just reputation?
  2. coldrice

    Recteq or Grilla?

    Hey, team. I've narrowed down my choices to 3 smokers. I'm leaning towards the Grilla OG because of all the positive reviews and it sounds like the cream of their line up. However, I'm also considering the Recteq Deck Boss or Bullseye because of the high temp searing/grilling/pizza making...
  3. coldrice

    Howdy from Delaware

    Just bought a rectec mini and joined up. By no means am I new to smoking foods. I'm a professional chef turned professional brewer (yes I brew beer for a living). I live in Selbyville DE about ten miles from the beach.
  4. coldrice

    RecTec Mini vent holes on back

    I have a question regarding those two vents on the back of the mini. Aren't they a bit large? How are they not letting all the smoke out? Especially at high temps when what little smoke you have is at a premium... Has anyone modified this? Rectec told me they were necessary for air flow/heat...