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  1. roger

    One Eyed Grandma's Famous Louisiana Grilled Redfish

    Redfish on the half shell, one of South Louisiana's best recipes. Marinate in Italian dressing for two or three hours, a little Tony's and lemon pepper a little butter and a squezze of lemon juice. Put on med hot grill and cook to the meat starts to flake.
  2. roger

    Q-view of my first smoke

    Noway Blackhawk, that's a six pack and ten pounds of crawfish, you just don't count the 0 in da in the crawfish. haha!!
  3. roger

    Zattarains crab boil

    RIP, Did you use the liquid concentrate or the boil in a bag? I live down here in S. La. and use Zatarans on everything we boil, shrimp, crabs and crayfish. The liquid concentrate is hell for stout, a little bit goes along ways. Good Luck,
  4. roger

    Thanksgiving "What I've got to be thankful for"

    Thank's, Ya'll are a great bunch of people.
  5. roger

    Thanksgiving "What I've got to be thankful for"

    I've been gone from the sight for about three weeks. My youngest son was in a car wreck Nov. 1st and wound up in the hospital for almost a week. He's home now and doing pretty good. Three days after the car wreck with my son, I get a call from my sister n law in Houston, my younger brother had...
  6. roger

    Hello from S.W. Florida

    Your at the right place, welcome to SMF
  7. roger

    hi from FL

    Ryan, Welcome to SMF
  8. roger

    here i go

    PCBiker, Nice pic's of the smoker, your at the right place, lot's of good information here and the people ain't half bad either. I'll be passing through Bossier City a week from Friday. Rifle season starts in Arkansas on Saturday. Good Luck, Have Fun and Post lots of Pic's
  9. roger

    My Bacon was too Salty

    Nuff said on this thread, I'm jsut gonna have to try something a little different here in a couple of weeks. It had some real good flavor just too much salt.
  10. roger

    My Bacon was too Salty

    srmonty must have passed algebra, it ain't rocket science
  11. roger

    My Bacon was too Salty

    Vulcan, Reread my post, there are 437 grns. in an OZ. I had a 4lb. loin. 1/2 per lb. would be 874 grns. if my math is correct. I did flunk algebra in high school but that was 40yrs. ago.
  12. roger

    Newbie from Tennessee

    Rusty, Welcome to SMF, remember it don't matter what your smoke'n with as long as your smoke'n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
  13. roger

    Newbie from Oregon

    Rodbuilder, Welcome aboard, lot's of good people and lots of good information. By the way, do you build rods on the side?
  14. roger

    My Bacon was too Salty

    Rich, It was an 8lb. loin that I cut in half. The directions on the Mortons Sugar said to use 1/2 OZ per pound. The only scales I had are what I use to reload with, I'm a gun nut and do alot of shooting, and they are accurate. There are 437grs. in an OZ so I doubled that. I don't know what...
  15. roger

    Q-View Continued

    Bubbas got sharp eyes,
  16. roger

    My Bacon was too Salty

    I actually had the loin in water for probably an hour and a half. Now I didn't change it. I'm just confused.
  17. roger

    My Bacon was too Salty

    After a week curing in the fridge I put in the smoker at 10:00 yesterday morning. Never tried to get my smoker that low on temps but we gave it a wherl. 180 was the best I could do with any regularity. After 8 hrs. the temp hit 160 and I pulled it. Put in the fridge for an hour to stiffen up a...
  18. roger

    Hello from St Louis

    Welcome to SMF, your at the right place. Lot's of good people and information. We also, like lots of Q-view
  19. roger

    First Canadian Bacon

    Brian, If you sliced that bacon with that knife, I'll let you be my brain surgeon.
  20. roger

    First Canadian Bacon

    Dude, you got my mouth watering. Mine goes in the smoker in the morning.