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  1. vivid

    Smoking in the winter?

    You could create a sort of "blanket" for the smoker that you could wrap on the outside. Something like a Welding blanket would work well. It is true that using a smoker in the winter months is harder, especially if it's windy. But if you're debating on whether or not to start smoking now or...
  2. vivid

    Quick Chipotle and garlic hot wings

    Looks good!  Was it just regular garlic powder that you used or something special?
  3. vivid

    First smoked bologna!

    Fried some up yesterday and made a nice sandwich with it.  Cheap and tasty.  Can't beat it.
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  6. First smoked bologna!

    First smoked bologna!

  7. vivid

    First smoked bologna!

    Ever since I saw a recipe from All Things BBQ where they made a smoked bologna roll, I've been dying to try it.  Yesterday I finally did.  I followed his basic recipe with different spices.  First I rubbed a thin layer of mustard on to act as a binder for the spices, then I hit it with a coating...
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  11. vivid

    4th thowdown

    I hope so!
  12. vivid

    Idea for pepper stout bacon. Opinions needed

  13. vivid

    Idea for pepper stout bacon. Opinions needed

    Hey folks, I've got an idea for making a sort of "Pepper Stout" bacon and i'm looking for some opinions on the cure.  I usually do a standard wet cure, the one mentioned here: What I'm thinking of doing however is...
  14. Smoked Cheese-its

    Smoked Cheese-its

  15. vivid

    Smoked Cheese-its

    I know crackers don't typically fit into this forum, but it's about the best place I could find to post this. Anyway, I experimented today with a couple boxes of white ruffle cheese-its that I picked up on a whim at the store. I dumped them all into a bowl with a bit of olive oil and my...
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  20. vivid

    Merry Christmas! Prime Rib test run

    Nice!  Prime Rib is definitely on my list of things to try in the smoker. What spices did you use for the rub?