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  1. babydocsmoke

    New Boat Day!

    Stable blood pressure....and big ol cajones.
  2. babydocsmoke

    Smoking in the PNW.

    Welcome from Utah. Glad you're here!!
  3. babydocsmoke

    Fathers Day Whole Hog

    That looks great! Congrats on the ride!!!
  4. babydocsmoke

    Fathers Day Pig Shots...

    Strong work!! I'd eat those!
  5. babydocsmoke

    Helping out

    They have a line of rubs too...if anyone is interested. Their all purpose is my go-to for hot and fast beef stuff. Really good way to support them as well!!
  6. babydocsmoke

    4/26/2024 Winners

    Some good looking cooks there! Gotta admit, Jim's spits are awesome!!
  7. babydocsmoke

    Spring is finally here!

    Totally worth it!!
  8. babydocsmoke

    Pulled Ham 1st try. jcam way

    Seriously, Ima have to try this too!!
  9. babydocsmoke

    Blows my mind!

    I know a lot of Asian cuisine is seen as pretty different, but I'd eat anything these guys are makin!!
  10. babydocsmoke

    Pit Boss 14"x28" reversible griddle

    Oh the bacon that could fry!
  11. babydocsmoke

    Beginning of my journey!

    Welcome from Utah! Looking forward to your posts!!
  12. babydocsmoke

    St. Pete Smoker

    Strong work!! :emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle::emoji_muscle: I'd eat that!
  13. babydocsmoke

    Philly Cheesesteak with Jalapeño and Swiss cheese (easy to make)

    Thats some good inspiration!! I'ma have to try sausage sometime soon....
  14. babydocsmoke

    Lost my dad yesterday

    Sorry buddy. Hang in there.
  15. babydocsmoke

    Masterbuilt Smoker

    Hate to be that enabler guy, but Home Depot is running a weekend sale. If anyone is interested this is almost half off for the next few hours...
  16. babydocsmoke

    Just Curious On What All States Do?!

    So....had to google that. Looks like in Utah you just have to to call DWR and tell them you are taking something. The law does specify that you cannot purposely hit an animal....cause that's a dick move. But even if you just hit it, and you're sure its dead, you can take it. However you can't...
  17. babydocsmoke


    Sorry about your folks. I'm in the same boat, as my in-laws are very close family and they're aging a bit these days. One thing you might consider is getting things appraised. Chose the items that you think are most valuable and have them appraised. Then set up a website take lots of good...
  18. babydocsmoke

    Halibut? And clams? For lunch?

    That looks great!!