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  1. food junkie

    Night night, girls!

    13 hrs. for cheese?
  2. food junkie

    suspicious e mail from SMF

    Why would one need to download it seven times?
  3. food junkie

    IGrill Mini

    I have a couple of them. The range seams to be poor on both the mini and the I-grill II. The temps seams accurate when compared to my Thermopen. The battery life seams short and it takes a special battery so if I where you, I would bring it back to the store and swap it for the I-grill II.
  4. food junkie

    I think I got one right.

    I would say you nailed that one Nice job
  5. food junkie

    Seasoning my smoke vault

    Try pecan or fruit wood for your bird. Much milder.
  6. food junkie

    Desperate times call for desperate measures

    I think you are going to need a lot of air freshener to mask the smell.
  7. food junkie

    My first attempt at brisket, not sure how to proceed.

    Yes, I trimmed away the hard fat lump and half of the 3/4" cap.
  8. food junkie

    My first attempt at brisket, not sure how to proceed.

     I did this one last weekend.   Jeff's Texas Rub  Started at 8am with pit temp @ 275    Foiled @ 2pm IT @ 165 Pulled at 6pm IT was 207, sliced 3/8" thick with electric knife   Fork tender
  9. Dec. 2015 brisket.jpg

    Dec. 2015 brisket.jpg

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  15. food junkie

    How much is Brisket in your area

    Here in south La. the prices have been around $8.00 recently. A few weeks ago I got one from the butcher store for $4.99. I miss the days of $2.99 briskets.
  16. food junkie

    2nd pork butt a couple questions

    I do mine with a drip pan under the meat until 165 or so then put the meat in the pan and cover with foil. I don't add any other liquids but end up with 3/4 pan full of natural juices. I also cook mine at 275. Smoke until covering with foil.
  17. food junkie

    2 whole pigs on a cinder block pit and a 20 year marine corps reunion

    Where did you find crawfish this time of year?
  18. food junkie

    jeffs sauce and rub questions

    If you e-mail Jeff, he will send you the Texas rub recipe.
  19. Labor Day Weekend Pork Butt

    Labor Day Weekend Pork Butt