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  1. lfroberts5

    Dry Aged Rib Eye Loin

    At the local butcher shop...
  2. lfroberts5

    Dry Aged Rib Eye Loin

    They tasted great..however...I think the time and effort was to much for the taste of the steaks...I think I will stick to a great cut of steak with my special seasoning and leave it at that...
  3. lfroberts5

    Dry Aged Rib Eye Loin

    This is my third attempt at dry aging....This is a link to my last post about dry aging This time I dry aged the meat for 14 days....I will be trimming and grilling them Sunday April 1st. Hopefully they will taste...
  4. lfroberts5

    Grilling Steaks

    This is how I grill my steaks.. I buy a great cut of Ribeye app. 3/4 inch thick. I apply olive oil and my special blend of seasoning. About 1 tsp per side. I let it marinate in the fridge for a couple of days. I preheat the grill on high for 10 minutes getting the grill up to about 500...
  5. lfroberts5

    Thin Blue Smoke?

    The meat came out great...No tingle of the tongue Thanks for all the help.
  6. lfroberts5

    Thin Blue Smoke?

    I know when you smoke your supposed to have wisps of Thin Blue Smoke ...but what if you have wisps of Thin White Smoke? The temp of my propane smoker is 250 and I was using Mesquite Wood... Thanks! Lloyd
  7. lfroberts5

    Grilled Chicken Breast

    Here is a pic of my creation….A grilled chicken breast on a bed of spinach with a Marsala wine reduction with garlic, cream, and a chipotle and cilantro herb butter.
  8. lfroberts5

    Hot Grill

    I saw this on Thanksgiving on one of the food channels..They were showcasing some of the top steak places in the US... One seared the steak at 800 degrees. The other place seared at 1300 degrees... Any thoughts on this with regard to the reverse sear method? Thanks!
  9. lfroberts5

    Dry Aged Ribeye Loin

    This is my second experience with dry aging. I bought a Rib Eye Loin from the local butcher. It was about 4#. I wrapped it in a thin cotton towel and put it in a second refrigerator downstairs. I left it there for 8 days. Following are pics from today when I pulled it out, trimmed it and...
  10. lfroberts5

    Crab Bisque

    Thanks guys....Yes I will get the recipe for you... My dry aged rib eye loin is in it's 4th day. The last time I did one I grilled some steaks at 8 days...then at 10 days...I then used the rest for some killer steak fajitas. I'm taking pics of the dry age project and will try to give a post...
  11. lfroberts5

    Crab Bisque

    Here is my second attempt at Crab Bisque....Pic may not look the best but WOW! Sure was good... Soon I'm going to post my dry aged project with a Rib Eye Loin.
  12. lfroberts5

    Why it took so long?

    "If you figure out a way to get a butt to 200 in 4.5 hours at 225 to 235 be sure and post it. It takes me that long to cook a chicken." I thought it was about 1.5 hrs per pound....A 3# butt X 1.5 hours = 4.5Hours
  13. lfroberts5

    Why it took so long?

    I just opened it every hour for the apple juice spray...Guess I just had a hunk of meat that took a long time to cook...Live and learn...
  14. lfroberts5

    Why it took so long?

    Thanks Hoser. I checked the probes I use...They are accurate. Internal temp was 225-235. I guess I just have to trust my knowledge. But I was hoping for about a 4.5 hour smoke. Thanks!
  15. lfroberts5

    Why it took so long?

    Yesterday I smoked a 3# Pork Butt. The temp was at 225. After 8 hours the internal temp was 175...I finally finished it off in the oven at 250. Anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks! Lloyd
  16. lfroberts5

    Grilled Filet

    Here is a pic of dinner I made for the wife. Grilled Bacon Wrapped Filet with seasoning Grilled Potatoes with a Honey/Mustard Glaze Sauteed Mushrooms Grilled Corn with a Chipotle/Parmesan Cheese Herbal Butter
  17. lfroberts5

    145* or 165*

    Newbie here but, I take mine to 200 without foiling. Just my .02
  18. lfroberts5


    Is there a minimum number of smokes one should have before thinking about joining OTBS?
  19. lfroberts5

    First Cut Chuck

    Here is my first ever “First Cut Chuck†(The first cut actually has three cuts in it. Above the bone you have the top blade chuck, in the middle you have the middle muscle best for grind or stew and finally the rib-eye at the bottom.) First I really didnâ€8482t know what I was doing so I...
  20. lfroberts5

    proctologist (pg)

    What did the proctologist say to his secretary? No, I said a butt light....