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  2. northern greenhorn

    Greetings from Chesterfield, Virginia

    Welcome to SMF
  3. northern greenhorn

    Got 2 of my 4 snow throwers working

    They did a good job, then they asked if they were going to get paid for shoveling, I said yeah, I paid you by letting you use the electricity that you use to play all them damn video games, I paid you with all the damn food you get to eat, I paid you with the heat you used to warm your ass up, I...
  4. northern greenhorn

    Christmas Crack

    My wife makes something like that, I think she uses "Club" crackers instead of saltines, and the last time she made them she put some crushed "Werthers" candy on top of the melted sugar/butter
  5. northern greenhorn

    Stuffed Thighs

    Nice thighs, 
  6. northern greenhorn

    I'm gonna be a daddy!

    Congrats, if it's a boy watch out when you change them diapers, they sometimes spray you.
  7. northern greenhorn

    Got 2 of my 4 snow throwers working

    My 2 middle boys Devin and Steve, clearing the drive for me. My oldest stayed at a friends, probably to avoid doing the shoveling, and the youngest is shoveled one shovel full, and then went to play in the snow.
  8. Christmas 2010.jpg

    Christmas 2010.jpg

  9. Christmas 2010.jpg

    Christmas 2010.jpg

  10. northern greenhorn

    Smoked Raspberry Beer Can Chicken with Qview

    We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave... nice looking bird tho, 
  11. northern greenhorn

    Hello from S W Missouri

    Welcome to SMF, check out the 5 day ecourse, some helpful info in there. and for your qview some 
  12. northern greenhorn

    Amish Mustard Eggs ...My Mom said to share this with you guys...

    Yeah, I'm gonna echo the same...
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  14. northern greenhorn

    My take on ABT's

    I like it, I made some for our Halloween Party, and have an order for Christmas and New Years
  15. northern greenhorn

    Leftovers in the fridge

    Had some leftovers, so I figured I'd put them together for dinner Had some Meat Loaf, Tater Tots, Bacon, and Mashed potatoes mixed the Meat Loaf with some mushrooms and C.O.M. soup Layered it with some corn, the tots, mashed potatoes that I mixed the bacon into, and covered it with some...
  16. Damians birthday brisket 019.jpg

    Damians birthday brisket 019.jpg

  17. Damians birthday brisket 017.jpg

    Damians birthday brisket 017.jpg

  18. Damians birthday brisket 017.jpg

    Damians birthday brisket 017.jpg

  19. Damians birthday brisket 018.jpg

    Damians birthday brisket 018.jpg

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