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  1. ptjd

    The Ron Man has left us

    Don't post much anymore but something made me log-in today, sorry to hear about this. RIP Ron.
  2. ptjd

    SMF in the Far East Travel Q-View

    OK, I have to travel Internationally 7-8 times a year. When I get time I usually check into SMF from my hotel room. Well Get to Tokyo and get the dreaded "page not found", OK maybe a fluke. Arrived in Hong Kong and the same thing!!! I thought OH NO , well got to Korea a few days ago and finally...
  3. ptjd

    Steak Au Poivre Non Smoked With Q-View

    Bloody Rare of course!!!
  4. ptjd

    Steak Au Poivre Non Smoked With Q-View

    OK had to cook one of my favorite dishes tonight, Steak Au Poivre or as some would call Steak Diane. Not too difficult to make. Sorry my MES is still down and have not had time to fix but I will get some smoking pic's up as soon as it is fixed. OK for ingredients: 1/3 - 1/2 pound each Beef...
  5. ptjd

    Banana Foster Q-View

    Needed to add, you need to make multiple batches for that many people, I have made for about 8 before and that's maxing the pan. Also if you let the syrup bubble too long it will start to separate the butter and brown sugar.
  6. ptjd

    Maybe a silly ??

    Edit so you can edit your original post. Quote is what I used to have your post quoted in mine like I just did. Hope this helps.
  7. ptjd

    Banana Foster Q-View

    I have never made it for 30 but in general 1 banana for 2 people. Thanks everyone!
  8. ptjd

    Pulled pork eggrolls

    Yep, this kind of cooking is right up my alley, Nice!!!
  9. ptjd

    This is the salmon I smoked up on sunday while watching the game

    I do love smoked salmon!!
  10. ptjd

    bowl day snacks on christene

    Never heard of bierock cupcakes but they look great!
  11. ptjd

    New again

    Yep, at least we are back UP!!!
  12. ptjd

    King Crab Cake W/Spicy Remoulade Sauce Q-View

    We did the night before! Ate about 4 pounds of that stuff! And yes believe it or not had leftover!
  13. ptjd

    Banana Foster Q-View

    OK made this last week, I need to make it more often because it is so easy to do and will impress your friends!! Need Banana's Banana Liqueur Fresh grated Nutmeg and Cinnamon Half stick Butter unsalted 1/3rd Cup Brown Sugar Brown sugar Dark Rum, I used Pyrat XO Reserve from Anguilla Homemade...
  14. ptjd

    King Crab Cake W/Spicy Remoulade Sauce Q-View

    Well not quite Q-View but will start here after the forums are back up and need to earn back some rep points! We had some Crab Legs left over so decided on Sunday to make some Crab Cakes. Chop up the crab, some panko (bread crumb or Ritz crackers will do), some green onion, some mayo, little...
  15. ptjd

    SMF is Back.

  16. ptjd

    Any Electricians out there? MES Question

    Thanks Guys, will call then in the morning, let you know what happened. I did buy it from Sams close to 2 years ago.
  17. ptjd

    Any Electricians out there? MES Question

    Srat, thanks!!
  18. ptjd

    Any Electricians out there? MES Question

    Dave, I store the unit where it does not get wet and was a beautiful day here today no rain for 13 days. My guess is the unit needs a good cleaning, I will check the cord first. Thanks guys.
  19. ptjd

    Any Electricians out there? MES Question

    Eric, thanks for the reply, you can bet I won't be plugging it in again till it's fixed. The jolt I got was not pleasant!!! I'll look at the cord first, now I am not great about cleaning the unit so your Idea about something crossing 2 points has great merit.
  20. ptjd

    Any Electricians out there? MES Question

    OK, so I go out to use my MES today, plug it in the usual outlet and turn it on. After I set the temps the electricity goes out, I reset the GFI and try again, same thing trips GFI. Now I have used this outlet exclusively for the MES for about 2 years. So I go and plug it into a non-GFI outlet...