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  1. msgrillmaster

    Smoking a butt this weekend...

    What do y'all do on ribs as far as IT? Also do any of you pour broth or apple juice over the pulled meat and then put it back on the smoker to help make or keep the meat moist?
  2. msgrillmaster

    Smoking a butt this weekend...

    I cooked it for 4 hours and the temp was at 185.  Is that temperature right?
  3. msgrillmaster

    Smoking a butt this weekend...

    Last time I smoke a butt the meat was very fat and it was very hard to tear apart.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I am using the green egg rub receipe.   Thanks for your help!
  4. msgrillmaster

    Doing 2 pork butts this weekend for Super Bowl

    plus a whole chicken (hope it can cook at 225).   Need a good rub reciepe for the pork butts that isn't spicy.  Have a family member that can eat spicy stuff.   Any suggestions??
  5. msgrillmaster

    Hello from MS

    I live in NE Mississippi.   I am 30 and I use a smoker and a green egg to do all my grilling.  My father in law built the smoker I use by himself. 
  6. msgrillmaster

    Smoking my first whole chicken this weekend...

    Anyone got any advice on a rub (not spicy) and how to make the chicken very tender.  Also how long to let it cook and the desire temp of the smoker.  Thanks MSGRILLMASTER