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  1. bbqhead


    I'm just west of tulsa .
  2. bbqhead

    How many grills is too many?

    well I saw this question posted and I had to go take inventory. here is what I came up with :  the ole' hickory c.t.o. ,fec-100, louisana tailgator pellet smoker/grill , hasty-bake legacy , hasty-bake portable smoker/grill , small weber grill , cook 'n' kettle junior ,< < a true classic ,a...
  3. bbqhead

    First KCBS contest

    I like a contest that has almost 100% certified kcbs judges, they have some training as to what to look for .I have judged at tables with celeb's and special guest judges . Please excuse me for what I am about to say, I mean this !  most of those people don't have a freaking clue what they are...
  4. bbqhead

    Greetings from Tulsa

    Welcome to the SMF greenfeet , just jump right on in . lots of nice people on here to assist any way they can .  
  5. bbqhead

    Advice on This Used Horizon - Rust

    I believe that will work just fine .  congrats on your purchase, its a good one !
  6. bbqhead

    Greetings from Tulsa

    Pork butt is looking good , they have a stall period, that you just keep doing what you have been doing and it will come out of it and then it wont be too long till its done . for me , when I call it done is when I can pull the bone out easy .    
  7. bbqhead

    Your thoughts of smokers

    Hello , hate to say this , but that question has many answers, all good though . people have their many preferances . I started off with walmart bullet type vertical cookers, then offset smokers ,but my cookshack  FEC allows me to have time for rest, prep , etc.  same with my ole hickory , just...
  8. bbqhead

    Greetings from Tulsa

    Welcome to the SMF ! lots of nice people on here, if you have any cooking questions on BBQ just ask . and pork butt sounds good right now . 
  9. bbqhead

    pellet vs bradley

    My choice is also for cookshack , quality is great and no problems with customer service . yoder is also high quality also, the others I don't know much about but I'm sure they're good too . I'm for pellet over electric anyday . the quality of the pellets make a difference in the smoke I've...
  10. bbqhead

    what type of ribs do you smoke in contests

    Hi Dan . I've always cooked spares in contest mainly because most teams do spares .  I find them easy to prepare and cook . when judging I've seen both turned in , but mostly st. Louis style spares more popular .  how ever at home its baby backs !
  11. bbqhead


    I did temp it in the center with thermopen , 205* , pulled out and wraped in towel and cooler .  it cooled down but I was short on time for turn in and did not temp it then. just trying to get nice slices to turn in , had nice color , flavor, just not texure .but I only took one brisket so not...
  12. bbqhead


    I took it to 205* and it was soft texure,  and put away to rest , but got it out to turn in and it had got tight . I have another one in the freezer I am going to practice with and try to see what went wrong.
  13. bbqhead

    Pellets....for smoke or heat source?

    The very same wood pellets used for smoking are the same as for grilling , as long as they are food grade pellets and not home heating pellets.    hard woods to fruit woods will make your cooking expiriance  a treat . hope this helps , if any other questions just ask , and someone on here will...
  14. bbqhead

    New Smoker coming from Owasso Okla

    Welcome to SMF . also congrats on the purchase on the new pellet cooker , it does make life a little easier .
  15. bbqhead


    well , I screwed it up . not sure what went wrong ,but it was bad enough to place 60th out of 80 teams . it was ok when I took it from smoker , let it rest , then time to turn in and it was tight . tried to get enough slices to turn in , it looked nice with excellent smoke ring and all but...
  16. bbqhead


    After next week-end I can report on wagyu brisket , I broke down and got 2 14# ers in freezer . your right , they are not cheap. and I got them at 15% off , or $30.00 . shipping is kind of insane . the pork I got is rated high like wagyu , just hope I don't screw it all up !
  17. bbqhead

    Hello from Tulsa

    Welcome to SMF Jennifer , being addicted to BBQ is a good thing around here !
  18. bbqhead

    NKC MO State Championship BBQ 14Mar NOW W/ QVIEW MY ENTRIES

    Congrats to you , you done good . I looked at the teams in it and there were some good teams there . Good luck in Smithville !
  19. bbqhead

    Oklahoma newbie

    From one Okie to another , welcome to the SMF !
  20. bbqhead

    Looking to join or start a competition team in Oklahoma

    No , I'm going to compete at Bixby , and your welcome to hang out with us if you want to . it will be my first one since 2010 , I'm looking forward to getting back to doing contest again .