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  1. maineac

    Old Penrose Sausage Clone????

    Can’t help you on the casings. There are worse things to experiment on. Good luck.
  2. maineac

    Old Penrose Sausage Clone????

    The Hillshire Farm Polish Kielbasa I use is not spicy. There is some heat in the brine but as always it's spice to your taste. I like the recipe as is but will at some point add a little more heat to the brine to experiment. If you like pickled sausage you won't go wrong with this recipe, IMHO.
  3. maineac

    Old Penrose Sausage Clone????

    My introduction to pickled Polish sausage was in 1966 in Viet Nam. The mother of a Polish friend sent them to him regularly. He was generous enough to share them with me and I was very grateful. After returning home I never missed an opportunity when I would see a jar full of pickled sausage...
  4. maineac

    What to do with leftover brisket?

    My wife gave me a 4-pound point from Black's in Lockhart for my birthday, which was so good that it was mostly eaten straight up. We just finished the last pound in hash, yesterday. That was a first and I'm not sure it was the best use for it; I'd rather had corned beef.
  5. maineac

    Please help! Weber master touch

    To control the temperature, leave the bottom inlet wide open... Adjust the temperature using the lid vent.... I can agree with that if just cooking. But smoking with a kettle is a different matter. Personally, I don't want to choke the smoke to control temps. Weber seems to agree when...
  6. maineac

    Please help! Weber master touch

    They are Craycort grates. I wanted to mention that a pan of water in there has a good moderating effect. I use the water receptacle in the SNS. Also, I've been experimenting with an ATC blower in a kettle and have discovered that it doesn't take much air to keep a smoking temp. With your lid...
  7. maineac

    Please help! Weber master touch

    Hey, Hey. Welcome. I can't believe nobody has answered this post. All I can do is show you what I do for high heat cooks to create an even indirect zone. I do basically the same as you I think. I use a Slow N Sear as opposed to the baskets and I took an 18" pizza pan and cut it down to fit...
  8. maineac

    Weber Mastertouch vs. Smokey Mountain

    Late to the game as usual. One of the many attributes of Webers is their versatility; you can smoke on a grill or grill on a smoker. But I would get whatever it would be used for 90% of the time and in this case it sounds like a smoker. As for the 18" vs 22", again, I would get what it...
  9. maineac

    Final Smoked Salmon with recipe, instructions, and Qview

    If you use Bear's brine from Post #1 it will just fit in a 1 gallon Ziploc with 4 pounds of salmon. I then put the Ziploc, with any air removed, in the bowl I made the brine in and put it in the fridge.
  10. maineac

    Weber Performer with Pit Viper Blower ATC - Solved (for me)

    Next Test: Get to and maintain 350 degrees! So now that I can maintain smoking temps repeatedly, I wanted to see if I could find a damper opening to allow cooking at 350 degrees. I started this test with a 5/16” damper gap and could see right off that it was too small so I started increasing...
  11. maineac

    Weber Performer with Pit Viper Blower ATC - Solved (for me)

    Every pit master wants to be able to control their pit’s temperature, and who doesn’t want “set it and forget it”? I want to set it up, fire her off, and come back after my nap. So here we are. I wanted to smoke some ribs on my Weber Performer recently and while I do have a Slow-N-Sear I...
  12. maineac

    Weber Kettle Accessories

    In order of importance to me - While I doubt that most would consider this an accessory, the most used item for me is a large side table. That’s why I have a Weber Performer. Second is the Slow N Sear which never leaves the kettle except when using a rotisserie. I even start the charcoal in...
  13. maineac


    Daaang! Briskets and butts take longer than that! Great news, Al.
  14. maineac

    Smoked Prime Rib (49th Wedding Anniversary Dinner)

    Two perfect meals! Wicked nice. And congrats.
  15. maineac

    Pellet Smoked Turkey

    I could eat that. Ohh yeah. Very nice!
  16. maineac


    I'll be sending you my best thoughts, Al. Take care of yourself after and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  17. maineac

    Bradley smoker modification & improvements?

    Mods in order of priority (in my opinion)– Add Auber PID (or someone else’s). The heat controller is not adequate (my opinion). Add additional 500 watt heating element (or one 900 watt element) for better heat recovery. Replace the puck feeder with an A-Maze-N tube using pellets. The pellets...
  18. maineac

    Bluetooth thermometer wonderings?

    I've had the Maverick, the iGrill2, and now the Fireboard. For me, each one was an improvement over the last. The Fireboard will be the last one I buy as it does all I want quickly and efficiently. Using my phone with a thermometer was not an issue for me at all.
  19. maineac

    Smoker Build Blossoms into Massive Outdoor Kitchen Project

    This baby is taking shape. I, too, am wicked jealous. From the photos it looks like you have an idyllic spot.
  20. maineac

    Controlling heat issues on smoker.

    I agree with Dave. You have fuel and oxygen and the precision with which you control each will allow you to control the temperature. I also think the 4” flue should work for you.