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  1. Wagyu Brisket with q-view

    Wagyu Brisket with q-view

  2. mmundy81

    Wagyu Brisket with q-view

    About a month ago I had a couple questions about a Wagyu I ordered. Thought I'de share the results.
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  4. mmundy81

    Looking for tips for wagyu brisket

    Hello, folks.  Today I am looking for tips for my first wagyu brisket.  I am fairly experienced in cooking brisket (usually about 1 packer every 4-6 weeks) but have only worked with choice cuts.  Earlier this week I ordered my first wagyu brisket (snake river farms) and want to ensure that I...
  5. My new rig

    My new rig

  6. mmundy81

    My new rig

    I have owned my Kamado for about a year and a half and I don't think I have let the coals cool off since I got it.  Recently, I had a chance to buy an XL BGE (with the wife on board) and thought that both cookers should have a proper home.  Here are some pics of a double table I built for both...
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  10. mmundy81

    First timer smoking a brisket using a BGE

    I am no brisket expert, but it is my favorite cut to smoke, and I do use a Kamado Joe, which is similar enough to a BGE that I have several BGE parts for my cooker. In my experience cooking brisket on that smoker I have had better luck with high temp smokes. It seems to be much more moist and...
  11. mmundy81

    Que view of my latest smoke

    Here is some que view of my latest smoke Both smokers going on the back porch Three butts right beofre I wrapped them. Starting a fatty and some thighs. I moved the thighs to the kamado joe once the butts finished. The fatty and some abts on the brinkman.
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  18. mmundy81

    Any tips for my new Kamado Joe?

    I just upgraded from my old electric UDS to a Kamado Joe. Any good tips on maintenance, mods, etc.? I am a fairly experienced smoker, just looking for any good ideas a far as the new smoker goes, especially since it is different that what I am used to.  Thanks.
  19. mmundy81

    Any Advice on heating sliced brisket?

    Normally I would have all of those things at my disposal at a tailgate (elec., grill, etc.), but this is not the tailgate I normally go to.  I think the only heating options I will have will be a propane camp stove and propane grill.  I think considering all of the great suggestions and what I...