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  1. john duncan

    Smoked Venison Backstrap

    What is SPOG?
  2. john duncan

    Sealing the Exterior Wood... what sealant?

    My father in law had a 5 gallon bucket of brick red oil based exterior paint. So in a couple of hours of painting, we have preserved the walk-in smoker for decades.
  3. john duncan

    Smokehouse Project

    I do not see anything at all. Does it have invisibility?
  4. Warm Morning Model 400-A Coal Stove

    Warm Morning Model 400-A Coal Stove

  5. john duncan

    Warm Morning Model 400-A Coal Stove

    My mother-in-law offered me her mother's Warm Morning Coal Stove to use for the smokehouse ( which is 8x6x7 ). Naturally I wouldn't burn coal in it but could this work? By the way, this isn't the actual stove, it's a stock photo.
  6. warm-morning-model-400-a-coal-stove-df4e3803535a7a


  7. john duncan

    Seasoning a plywood smokehouse

    All this talk about wooden smokehouses, what size stove would I need for a 8x6x7?
  8. Seasoning a plywood smokehouse

    Seasoning a plywood smokehouse

  9. thesmokehouse.jpg


  10. john duncan

    Question about bigger smoke house

    I hadn't thought about insulation. I figured packing things in salt during the process would keep them from freezing. Also it isn't the firepit I will be using for smoke it is the little military stove to the right. Originally I wanted to make something a few x a few feet. The big building was...
  11. Question about bigger smoke house

    Question about bigger smoke house

  12. john duncan

    Question about bigger smoke house

    This is a pic of the stove I plan to use for the smoke house we are building. Would it be big enough for the smoker which is 8Wx6Dx7H?
  13. thesmokehouse.jpg


  14. the stove.jpg

    the stove.jpg