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  1. fangard

    sawdust source?

    Late to respond, but Allied Kenco near 45/Crosstimbers has saw dust.
  2. fangard

    Pit Boss vs Traeger. And the Winner is?

    Thanks for posting. I have been torn between the Traeger and Pit Boss.
  3. fangard

    First Wet Cure making Boston Butt Bacon (BBB) for Void425

    I love me some Buckboard Bacon. You may want to be a bit more precise in the measuring of your pink salt. Pretty powerful stuff. "Heaping" measurements may not be very safe.
  4. fangard

    To Freeze or not to freeze... that is the question. Butchering my first hog!

    I would try to avoid freezing it again if you can. Frozen pork is very forgiving, IMO.
  5. fangard

    Buckboard Bacon???

    Try making a capicola. Use the Umai bags. Cut the coppa muscle away for the capicola and bind the rest for the BBB. That is what I am about to do.
  6. fangard

    in need of mentoring on spicy capacola

    I will be using the umai bag. I need one more component for my curing chamber and I will start using that.
  7. fangard

    UMAi Bags

    My bags should get delivered today. Going to try a gabagool(capicola) this weekend.
  8. fangard


    If you want a grafted avocado tree, go to In Washington, you will need to keep it in a pot to protect in the winter.
  9. fangard

    Hello From Houston, TX

    Thanks Gary. Very blessed to have a wife that loves to eat, as much as I love to cook. Too bad I can't stay as skinny as she does. Maybe if I ran 30 miles a week, like she does, I would have a chance. That, and maybe some discipline around food. HA!!
  10. fangard

    Hello From Houston, TX

    Afternoon All. Been lurking for a bit and appreciate the great information. I will gladly contribute where I can. My wife gave me a MES 40" for my birthday, so that is what I am working with. I grill, smoke and have a passion for charcuterie. One item away from building my meat curing...