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  1. pier2pier

    My First Pulled Pork for a Party

    Hi all..  So Sunday quickly became a crazy day and this week has flown by. Anyway, the meat hit a plateau which lasted almost 2 hours.  I didn't calculate this long of a time based on my previous smokes.  Anyway this scared the heck out of me, but I stuck with it and kept the temp around 240...
  2. pier2pier

    Newbie ready to try smoking

    Hi PinJim! I am just about a year into smoking and this site has been invaluable.  That said there is a pulled pork recipe "sticky" by meowey in the pork forum that I've followed a few times.  I'm following it today as a matter of fact. Its easy to follow and the results are great..  Good luck...
  3. pier2pier

    My First Pulled Pork for a Party

    Well, today I am attempting my first pulled pork that will be served to people other than my family or friends.  My son's Cub Scout pack is having its advancement ceremony today. I am following the sticky  as I've had very good...
  4. pier2pier

    Masterbuilt Propane smoker

    A bit of clarification,  I use 1 chunk at a time if its big... I'll use a few small chunks at a time.  Nice thing about the 2 door you can open that bottom door without losing a lot of the heat / smoke.
  5. pier2pier

    Masterbuilt Propane smoker

    Hi Boisblancboy, I picked up the 2 door Masterbuilt smoker last summer.   I'm pretty new to it still but this site has answered all my questions so far.  I figure you've probably found a lot of threads about how to use a skillet in these forums already, but if not, just do a few searches.  That...
  6. pier2pier

    Masterbuilt propane smokers

    I haven't had many problems smoking fish in my master built propane smoker but it was hard to regulate the temp. It takes close to 3 hours. I just added a needle valve SK I am hoping it helps even more. But cmayna has a point, I am provably baking it with a smoke finish. It still passes the...
  7. pier2pier

    Master Build Two Door Smoker Mods for the Big Game.

    Thanks man. One correction. I purchased the main piece from the bayou classic web page.
  8. pier2pier

    New to SMF

    That smoke box is sweet!  Welcome to the site.
  9. pier2pier

    Master Build Two Door Smoker Mods for the Big Game.

    Hey SDS, I didn't have the bags as I thought. But I am pretty sure I can describe what you'll need. I did a lot of searches on Home Depot's site as well as Grainger to get an idea of the naming. I purchased all the pieces at Home Depot. Most were made by Watts. My hose has a 3/8 inch connector...
  10. pier2pier

    Master Build Two Door Smoker Mods for the Big Game.

    Sure thing.  I am nearly positive that I still have the bags / receipts.  I'll put a list together and post it.
  11. pier2pier

    Smoked Salmon

    Sorry Guys,  I didn't realize I should follow up on my posts more often. I made a brine from water, kosher salt, brown sugar and a garlic clove chopped up fine and let it set over night. I rinsed off the meat and patted dry with a paper towel and I let them sit out for a little while.  I...
  12. pier2pier

    Master Build Two Door Smoker Mods for the Big Game.

    Hi all, I've been on these forums for about a half year now and I have to thank everyone for all the knowledge that gets passed around.  The advice is great and all the recipes look tasty.  I'm most surprised about all the questions which bring up things I never considered. That said, my wife...
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  18. pier2pier

    First Ribs in Masterbuilt Dual Smoker with Qview

    That looks delicious!!  Nicely done, Yotzee.
  19. pier2pier

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Great thread everyone.   There are a lot of entertaining names and stories.  My nickname is a hybrid pun between what I like to do at work and what I'd rather be doing (fishing). I came up with my screen name when I joined another forum while researching a kayak. At the time I was working on...