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  1. smokernewb

    clearance for a smoker

    It will be a gas smoker, sorry.  There's only a short eve above part of the area I plan to put it. The smoke gives me a thought, hadn't considered that.  there's no windows close by, but the door is pretty close.
  2. smokernewb

    clearance for a smoker

    kind of an odd question - but with limited space on the deck for the smoker I was wondering about how much clearance I should be looking at from either the siding on the house - or the decking.  I have an ideal location I want to place it, since it's very protected from rain and all but the...
  3. smokernewb

    Newb to smokers. narrowed it to 2, but still open to ideas, opinions welcome

    Looking through the literal mountains of info and opinions available on the internet - I've come down to what (I think) are 2 good choices - although I'm still open to suggestions Here's my decision guide: The family likes ribs - we tend to eat them about once a month or more in the summer. ...
  4. smokernewb

    smoking newbie from MN- and the dreaded "which smoker" questions...

    Hey all - found the forum whilist searching for information on the dreaded "which smoker to buy" Hopefully I can find some info on the site! I wouldn't exactly call myself a newb to the outdoor cooking scene...I've spent many happy hours cooking that days catch way out back in the boundary...