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  1. rodc

    Finally got a barrel - so no excuses

    Now I'll need to name her..... or maybe I'll wait until she's painted and not quite such a munter (Scots word for a facially challenged female).
  2. rodc

    UDS Paint

    Ah right - I didn't know Wally World = Wal Mart, they own Asda (a super market chain) over here but they don't really do hardware etc. One thing I noticed they have started doing is bone in pork shoulder - so one of them will be on the UDS soon.
  3. rodc

    Finally got a barrel - so no excuses

    Semi successful - too many peaks & troughs in the temp - 320F at one point - so the wings & belly were a bit over done - but very tasty. Just need some practice & to move the UDS from its current position - which serves as a wind tunnel.
  4. rodc

    UDS Paint

    Powder coat would be cool - but aint gonna happen - don't know anywhere near me that'll do it. Got a friend who paints cars and bikes though - so once I've fed him I can ask for a favour......
  5. rodc

    Finally got a barrel - so no excuses

    Cheers, saw that after I posted (my fault for not previewing) - got them now though.
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  11. rodc

    Finally got a barrel - so no excuses

    Apologies for being slow with the Q-View - got her built & had the seasoning smoke, but been really busy & only now am getting to do a test smoke (chicken wings and pork belly slices). Anyhoo - q-view: Burnout: Burned out & cleaned barrel, garden fire basket off ebay as charcoal basket...
  12. rodc

    UDS Paint

    Thanks Lugnutz - that's a good idea - don't think we call it rustoleum over here, but I can probably find the equivalent (we don't have a Wally's World either as  wally is another word for idiot   - but that's us - 2 countries separated by the same language ). Given the weather we get here...
  13. rodc

    UDS Paint

    To be honest I'd rather use high temp - but I've spent a bit on the beast already, basic paint to avoid rust for the moment would probably see me out the year, then improvements start next year. Thanks for the advice.
  14. rodc

    UDS Paint

    Do you need to use heatproof paint for a UDS? The outside gets hot but not burning hot. Could I get away with normal spraypaint?
  15. rodc

    Using an old fuel barrel for uds?

    Engine degreaser then a burnout should clean it fine - certainly the degreaser got mine clean down to nice and shiny metal before the burnout.
  16. rodc

    Finally got a barrel - so no excuses

    Was too busy working on it - didn't really think - evidence being starting the burnout, getting a roaring fire going & then looking round to notice the 2 houses downwind had washing out to dry (in my favour it was raining so I thought none would be out). So... a couple of bottles of wine in...
  17. rodc

    Finally got a barrel - so no excuses

    Took a time to source bits & pieces & tools, but that's the drum opened, and I used engine cleaner to get the leftover oil out. Drill's not tough enough for the air holes, so I'll be off to the pub & scrounge one of some of the toolheads of the area. Hopefully burnout tonight, then another...
  18. rodc

    Finally got a barrel - so no excuses

    Closed top, used for engine oil - but they just don't use metal drums for food over here as far as I can work out. Now all the other bits I've identified on the internet need ordered and the build will begin. First UDS in Scotland? Don't know - but I can't wait to get is working. I've found...
  19. rodc

    Charcoal Basket for UDS I'm planning on using these to make the charcoal basket - they should make things easy.
  20. rodc

    Rough Draft of the Logo..

    I like it - let us see the coloured version when you've got it done please.