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  1. wiremonkey

    Help with A-Maze-N Smoker

    I am working on the same problem with my new MES. Am I looking for an actual flame or just a red burning pit? Thanks for the help
  2. wiremonkey

    first pork butt

    Well I put my first pork butt in the smoker the other night and 22 hours later, WOW. It was a 6 pound boneless butt. I rubbed with a light coat of mustard and some Butt Rub. Took a few hours longer than I expected but the family really liked it. It could have used a little more smoke though, so...
  3. wiremonkey

    Jeff's rub

    Ok, thank you guys. I will be ordering the recipe then, as it seems to be a fan favorite. 
  4. wiremonkey

    Jeff's rub

    Ok, I bought Jeff's Smoking Meat cook book and don't see the recipe for Jeff's rub that I keep reading about here. Is there another name for it in the book or is it another rub recipe. I don't want anyone to tell me the recipe I just don't want to buy the recipe and find out I already had it...
  5. wiremonkey

    2012 MES 40 vs. Old Model MES 40

    Thanks Todd, I have one coming and am excited to try it out.  not sure what I am going to try first though. Maybe another pork roast, the last one tasted like the lit end of a cigar. I would like to redeem myself to the wife and kids
  6. wiremonkey

    2012 MES 40 vs. Old Model MES 40

    So I am new to the smoking scene but am wondering where you are placing the 5X8 inside the new MES 40 during the smoking process. I am thinking about buying one after all I have read in the posts about them but I don't know what to do with it when I get it. Thanks for the help,
  7. wiremonkey

    New MES 40

    So quick question on the Maverick ET-732. Do you run the probe into the smoker through the vent or you poking a hole into the smoker?  Thanks for the time walking through the basics.
  8. wiremonkey

    New MES 40

    Thank you to the both of you. I was wondering what would be best to use in place of the original thermometer. Well my first try did not turn out very good today. My mouth feels like I just smoked a cigar . Oh well I had vent open only about 1/3 of the way and had smoke going the whole time. Next...
  9. wiremonkey

    New MES 40

    I just got a new MES 40 for Christmas. I am currently in the middle of smoking a pork roast. This seems to be a great smoker, how cool is the remote control. My meat probe seems to be reading about 20 deg. high but I think I must not have it in fully. Just using my old temp gauge to keep from...
  10. wiremonkey

    MES 40 homemade stand.

    Wow what a cool cart. I think I might have to build something along the same lines. Thanks for the idea.
  11. wiremonkey

    First smoke of 2014

    looks good
  12. wiremonkey

    New here out of central Washington

    Hello there, wiremonkey here. I am new to smoking meats. My wife just bought me the Master Build 40 inch electric smoker and now the pressure is on. I plan to start small with some chicken legs and thighs and move up from there. I eventually would like to make my own summer sausages etc. with my...