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  1. biggqwesty

    My UDS Build

    Cheers mate.. Any idea on what strength spring you went?
  2. biggqwesty

    My UDS Build

    Hew Ash.. that uds is off tap.. Can we get a few closer pics of the Lid hinge and shelve hinges.
  3. biggqwesty

    Extra room for cold smoking

    You'll find out once the cheese melts lol.. I always run ice bricks in the smoker to keep temp down.. Also look at the letter box method. That way smoke is at ambient temp before it enters the smoker..
  4. biggqwesty

    planing to build a reverse flow in australia (virgin build)

    Inside bottom plate as a drip tray The tube runs right threw out the bottom with a ball valve so it will hold water if needed..
  5. biggqwesty

    planing to build a reverse flow in australia (virgin build)

    But he eventually made it into a box.. these are just the tray
  6. biggqwesty

    planing to build a reverse flow in australia (virgin build)

    Father inlaw made his as a box which you can remove.
  7. biggqwesty

    planing to build a reverse flow in australia (virgin build)

    Hey AussiQ. And fellow aussie.. Father inlaw built a reverse flow a while back, turned out wicked.. Used a 130L 4wd gas tank and made the fire box from 6mm plate. For him it was to big and costly to run so has since sold it and gone a komodo. I have a small keg smoker.. great for single roasts...
  8. biggqwesty

    Short/Fat 120 Gallon Build

    What a build this is becoming.. Love the work.. Dam it's HUGE!!!!! Planning on cooking for the army?? But fit and finish is exceptional mate.. Keep up the top work.
  9. biggqwesty

    Vertical Reverse Flow Smoker Build with Dual Fire Boxes and Triple Smoke Boxes

    So how's this monster going?? Any reports from the buyers ??
  10. biggqwesty

    Maverick et-735

    As long as there are no sharp edges or bends the wire has the deal with they are fine.. Father inlaw runs his with the komodo Joe and lid shuts on them.. With his reverse flow he drilled a 5 mm hole in the end of his tank, just big enough to allow one probe and one wire threw at a time. Didn't...
  11. biggqwesty

    Large commercial smoker build

    Great finish. Although dissapointing to hear the customer not only pushed you hard but has no idea how to use it lol. Any reports on how it works yet? Or have you delivered and walked
  12. biggqwesty

    Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View

    So boys I bit the bullet and bought some cheese wax.. I personally wanted black lol but wife said red.. lol So it's worked well. Smoked this morning on pecan Then on with the double boiler and wax bowl. Once it was melted on with the first coat using a brush. Omg it's blood red and a pain to...
  13. biggqwesty

    Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View

    If you read the first post scroll about 1/5 threw it you'll see storage of cheese. You don't have to refrigerate but keep it cool and dry.. I'm in a double walled stone home and the laundry has a thick cement floor. Under or laundry sink is where I store mine. Stays nice and cool once vac sealed..
  14. biggqwesty

    Large commercial smoker build

    Same. That's a huge beast
  15. biggqwesty

    Burnt out?

    Same as Chef. Not every meal has to be smoked. Maybe once or twice a week. But throw some verity in. Try not to always do the same thing. Fatties are good for variety as they are very personal and very easy to do..
  16. biggqwesty

    Mac n cheese

    Smoke your cheese, let it age for 3 months. We use about 750 grams of cheese. Grated. Make a rue from flour butter and a little water from the pasta stock while boiling. Add the cheese to disolve and then drain off the pasta and add it to the cheese sauce. Easy as. Sent from my SM-G800Y...
  17. biggqwesty

    Help. What to do with this cut

    Cost me $45 aus for 3 kilo, so for you in the USA that's about $55 usd for 6.6 pound.. that's on the expensive side here in aus anyway. . And some pics