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  1. masssmoke

    RecTeq Deck Boss 590 vs Camp Chef Woodwind SS24

    thanks for all the input, I appreciate it. I think I am going to go with my gut and get the RecTeq
  2. masssmoke

    RecTeq Deck Boss 590 vs Camp Chef Woodwind SS24

    thanks, how do you like the smoker overall? does it hold temp well and is it well made?
  3. masssmoke

    RecTeq Deck Boss 590 vs Camp Chef Woodwind SS24

    so, I am considering the Deck Boss 590 from RecTeq and also the Camp Chef Woodwind SS 24. I have heard only good things about ReqTeq and was about to make the purchase. But what I hate about my current smoker, a Pit Boss is the clean out where you need to take the grill grates and heat...
  4. masssmoke

    A fun way to cruise the campgrounds.

    I am planning on getting a two wheel e-bike soon. Hoping they come down in price a bit and they seem to be coming down a bit.
  5. masssmoke

    Three point cuts of brisket, want to do burnt ends

    hi all thanks for the replies. I am going to cook to tender whole, and maybe butterfly if they are thick, as suggested above, and then cube up and go from there. thanks!
  6. masssmoke

    Three point cuts of brisket, want to do burnt ends

    so I have three separate brisket points all around 3 pounds or so. I couldn't find a whole packer and the place had separated the point and flat cuts, so thinking of wanting burnt ends, I bought the points. I am thinking of smoking them "as is" after rubbing them up and then pulling them around...
  7. masssmoke

    Sweet ‘N Peppery Vortex Ribs

    great job on those, I need to do Vortex ribs again I have only done them once despite the fact that my local grocery store sells pre-sliced ribs. Definitely taste a difference with Vortex ribs, a different texture than slow smoked ribs, different but very good!
  8. masssmoke

    Traeger grill tripping RFID outlets

    I had the same issue a while back on my pellet which is not a Traeger but a Pitt Boss, and it was the ignitor, it was an easy fix. Good luck.
  9. masssmoke

    pit boss (dansen) parts

    I don't have any suggestions, but runswithbeer is an awesome screen name!
  10. masssmoke

    Some heavy weather coming

    Yup going to be nasty here in southern new england
  11. masssmoke

    chuck roast for chili

    it turned out pretty good! Very tender meat and nice flavor. For next time, I like the ideas above of cubing the chuck first, I smoked it whole and the smokey flavor was there in the chili but not as much as I would have thought. I like the cube idea and smoking some liquid to put in the...
  12. masssmoke

    chuck roast for chili

    thanks all, will be doing the chili today!
  13. masssmoke

    Vortex Single Cut Ribs

    those look awesome, gotta do some vortex ribs again soon!
  14. masssmoke

    chuck roast for chili

    Yes. cube then simmer tomorrow. thank you
  15. masssmoke

    chuck roast for chili

    I am aiming to make chili tomorrow and wanted to smoke some chucky tonight for the meat. Planning to smoke the roast then rest and let it sit in the fridge overnight and then use it for the chili tomorrow. Any suggestions on how much to smoke the meat tonight? Thinking to the stall?
  16. masssmoke

    Pork shoulder

    thanks all, shredded up just fine! decent bark, pretty moist and flavorful, so overall good result!
  17. masssmoke

    Pork shoulder

    Decided to do a pork shoulder yesterday. Didn't take a lot of pictures, but it came out pretty well. I put it on my pellet smoker, it was 8 pounds, took 12 hours with the first hour on the smoke setting and the rest at 250. Unlike in the past, I didn't wrap or do much of anything, just...
  18. masssmoke

    Chuckie burnt ends app.

    those look great! Love chuckie burnt ends!
  19. masssmoke

    good wife

    That is funny I got the same on last year (with my name on it of couse)
  20. masssmoke

    Butterflied Drumsticks ~ Alternative to Wings

    great idea @thirdeye I will definitely be trying this method. I like the lollipop style but it's a ton of prep.