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  1. Bruce C

    No Katz a Snake will have to do.

    Looks great. Can you help out with the cooking temp and internal temp finished? I have a elk roast in a brine for pastrami now and have never made any before. Thanks
  2. Bruce C

    I Need a New Grill/Smoker

    The first time I bought them I was at a Wal Mart in the middle of winter and they had them in the front of the store on clearance for $5.00 a bag. I had never seen them before but I bought 10 bags wish I had bought them all. Sams has them the time usually in the premium and hickory also. I have...
  3. Bruce C

    I Need a New Grill/Smoker

    Chili you will like the 1250 for searing with the sear plates. I have a old RT-680 I have been using for about 8 years and do a reverse sear with it all the time and it only gets to 500 but the plates add another 150 or so. I am going to order a 1250 in the spring sometime but the old one works...
  4. Bruce C

    Camp chef vs Rec Teq

    I have a Recteq RT680 I have had for several years. When I buy a new grill it will be another Recteq. Only problem I have had was a board went out about 5 years into it and it was after a lightning storm and I hadn't unplugged it. Gave them a call and told them what had happened. In a few days...
  5. Bruce C

    First time bacon attempt.

    Yes Bear I meant to note on my original post I was using your smoking method. Thanks
  6. Bruce C

    Italian Sweet-n-Hot fresh Sausage on the new Stuffer

    That is some nice looking sausages. Looks great.
  7. Bruce C

    First time bacon attempt.

    Thanks everyone for the comments on the bacon. I'm ready to try some more. Wife doesn't think she wants anymore store bought bacon.
  8. Bruce C

    First time bacon attempt.

    Had my first attempt at bacon and I think it came out pretty good. I have been smoking meat for about 25 years and cured and smoked alot of hams and Canadian bacon but hadn't tried bacon until now. I used Pop's brine for the cure. Belly was in brine for 14 days. Removed from brine rinsed and...