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  1. okiegentleman

    New Guy Southwest OKC

    Looking to join the group and share information. Where do I apply?
  2. okiegentleman

    Success!! No one got sick!

    Well after almost 60 years of cooking various things, mostly successfully (we won't discuss the lime chicken my daughters still kid me about) I smoked my first two pieces of meat. I did a small roast beef and a side of pork ribs at the same time. It took me about 4 hours before the roast beef...
  3. okiegentleman

    Old Country Wrangler: What to drill through 3/16" steel with?

    Actually Marctrees the magnets will take about 95% of the shavings they collect with them when you pick them up off of the metal of the lid. There may a little temporary magnetism on the metal of the lid holding some small chips (that will wipe off with a rag) but the magnets will collect and...
  4. okiegentleman

    Worst traveling BBQ stories + bonus for flying chickens

    I once read that the most frightened passenger in a commercial flight is an experience pilot, because he knows how easy it is for the sh$t to hit the fan.
  5. okiegentleman

    This has been posted before... It is very interesting and worth the read....

    My thanks for posting those address. I never cease to be amazed at the variety of information that seems to be at someone's fingertips. I once told a guy that an educated man is not someone that knows all the answers, but knows where to look when he needs them.
  6. okiegentleman

    Old Country Wrangler: What to drill through 3/16" steel with?

    If I may add to the advice, if you can put a large cloth inside the cooking chamber under where you are going to drill the hole in the door,it will catch some of the steel shavings. Those shavings are sharp and you do not want to track them into the house. If you get some strong magnets you can...
  7. okiegentleman

    Time on my hands

    My wife was a city girl. She had no experience cooking when we got married. My mother gave me a dutch oven just like that. My wife left it in a sink full of water over nite, while I was out of town on business. When I went to look for it a few weeks later, I could not find it. She told me with...
  8. okiegentleman

    Galvanized in a smoker

    If someone with experience sees a possible situation where a novice is cooking with equipment that (if not used properly) would poison them, that experienced person has a moral responsibility to tell the novice to STOP. I think the the first response to a question about using galvanized metal in...
  9. okiegentleman

    My birthday is tomorrow, Saturday. I'm getting old!

    Happy Birthday!! And many more in the future.
  10. okiegentleman


    Went into an old style county store. They had a big tube of garlic baloney, Saltines in long wax paper packets, hard cheddar wheel about 2 ft across, and cold RC colas. When I paid the bill it came to $8.50, I could of had half a slab of ribs for that. But I sat outside at their wooden picnic...
  11. okiegentleman

    Worst traveling BBQ stories + bonus for flying chickens

    I cannot help you with your flying problem and being in Oklahoma I am not sure I have ever run into any BAD BBQ. But that said I have had to chew for a long time on several pieces that I have had at various places around the state, one in Woodward, OK comes to mind though I don't remember the...
  12. okiegentleman

    Mods for Ok Joe longhorn triple burner smoker

    I know this is an old thread, but I just got my Okie Joe the first of October 2016 (early Xmas) If you look at my gallery under OkieGentleman you can see what I have done to my unit since I got it.
  13. okiegentleman

    I do not like baked beans...

    I wonder if your dislike for baked beans has anything to do with the mole-asses in with the recipe. I understand they dissolve to where they cannot be seen only tasted.   As far as lima beans, we had a guy in basic training that loved the lima beans and ham ration, he would trade you a can of...
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