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  1. crazymexican

    Brisket help

  2. crazymexican

    Brisket help

    I normally don't trim my brisket and I marinate mine in a hickory and pepper marinate. Then I inject it with marinate and then I put garlic and pepper rub on it. Then do like you have done cook at 225 until internal temp is at 165 Then wrap in pink butcher paper until
  3. crazymexican

    Brisket help

  4. crazymexican

    Hardwood Firewood in Offset?

    I live in Utah and I use a lot of fruit woods apple and cherry. If you watch every once in a while Walmart will sell mesquite logs in a 50LB bags . Find someone with an orchard or has fruit trees and see if they would let have any wood from dead trees or trimmings
  5. crazymexican

    Need recommendation for Sausage Stuffer

    There is a sausage forum on Facebook and there is alot people can help you out with seasonings and what casing to use. Lem has good stuffers and meat has a good line of stuffers also.
  6. crazymexican

    Best molasses?

    I found a molasses in a Amish store which I prefer than grandma's or brair rabbit. The store is maple creek.
  7. crazymexican

    Whole pig

    I am going to try to smoke a whole pig for the first time does anyone have any suggestions on how long a 150 Lb pig will take to smoke.
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  9. crazymexican

    water heater smoker build

    just about done just need to put a door handle in it and seal with flat metal. Round grill grates and it should be ready to smoke meat in a couple of days
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  12. crazymexican

    water heater smoker build

    the inside of the water heater tank. Getting ready to put the door on.
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  14. crazymexican

    water heater smoker build

    The insulation is on the outside it is like foam I took a putty knife to it. I have not opened it yet I will on Saturday. I am going to make it a upright smoker.
  15. water heater smoker build

    water heater smoker build

  16. crazymexican

    water heater smoker build

    just started a upright smoker from 50 gal water heater.
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