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  1. cansmoke

    Thermometer and probe protection in the rain

    My wife's idea was to take a mid to large size metal mixing bowl and put it over the electronics. You've goot a cool idea as well
  2. cansmoke

    Ribs with homemade potato salad

    Smoked side ribs for 3 hrs, first at 260F and then dropped it to 250F as weather did not deteriorate like I was concerned about. Made potato salad. Wanted bbq sauce and thought had a leftovers. Right colour but on a closer look, it was cranberry sauce. Oops. Made a batch of a fairly simple bbq...
  3. cansmoke

    Country style ribs

    Seasoned up ribs and put in smoker for 4 hrs at 260F. I used Maple. Turned out very tender and tasty. I was a little concerned as have had issues with them not being done. Thankfully, it worked today. Served with twice baked potato and made batch of bbq sauce. Yumm-mmmy! Tender and tasty!
  4. cansmoke

    Electric Meat Slicer

    I've had a Chefs Choice model 615A for about 8 years. I primarily use it to slice slab bacon into sliced bacon. The slab is thawed when I'm slicing it as, well, the next step is frying up the slices. It's a commercial grade unit. I've used it to slice semi frozen meat to make jerky as well.
  5. cansmoke

    Pulled pork sandwiches!

    Been a while since I posted a not much queing or smoking going on. This afternoon I smoked a 3lb pork roast for 7ish hours. I'd set for longer but it was done and we were hungry. Made up a basic bbq sauce (ketchup, brown sugar, red wine vinegar and whiskey in equal portions) to accompany the...
  6. cansmoke

    Sausage making book suggestions?

    The Sausage Making Cookbook by Jerry Predika
  7. cansmoke

    Start with donuts end with ribs

    OK, first meal not bbq'd but dang, they were good. Maple glazed baked donuts! Put maille mustard on a rack of st louis cut ribs and coated with basic bbq rub. Put in the smoker for 3 hrs at 250F using Jack Daniel's wood chips. Made a bbq sauce and had picked up a potato salad at the store...
  8. cansmoke

    Thanksgiving day turkey dinner

    Tomorrow is officially Thanksgiving DAy in Canada. As my daughter will be working then, we held the meal today. Brined a bone in turkey breast overnight. Smoked it in MES for 4 1/2 hrs at 240F using hickory. It needed a little oven time as not quite done. Was quite tender and juicy. Nice amount...
  9. cansmoke

    Carne assade

    Spelling, schmelling! :D It was tasty
  10. cansmoke

    Carne assade

    Grilled up several steaks and several pieces of sweet pepper. Had put mesquite wood on. Tasty! Grilled just right, meat had charcoal and mesquite smoke flavour. Yummy!
  11. cansmoke


    Exactly! Made what I'm calling brisket surprise for tonight's dinner. Sauteed some veggies, put in small pieces of brisket in, stock and pasta.
  12. cansmoke


    It is mostly the smaller smount of leftovers as to why we get smaller cut. Just 3 of us.....
  13. cansmoke


    Smoked a small piece of brisket this afternoon, about 4 1/2 lbs. Where we get our meat will cut to suit. Smoked it in MES for 5 1/2 hours at 250F using hickory. Tasty! Enough words, here are the pictures!
  14. cansmoke

    Beef burgers

    Grilled beef burgers tonight. This is from about a week ago.
  15. cansmoke

    Pulled pork

    Smoked a 5 lb picnic roast at 275F in my MES for 8 hours. Made our favourite bbq sauce, tweaked with a bit of seasoning. Served on toasted buns with sliced cheese and a side cucumber salad. Yumm!
  16. cansmoke

    Life Got Complicated

    No need to apologize. Prayers for good news and remember to look after yourself too.
  17. cansmoke

    Smoke or toss?

    Toss it! After three days, it's cook it or toss it!
  18. cansmoke

    Steak and risotto dinner

    Thanks! I know what I did wrong. It looked good and tasted good.
  19. cansmoke

    Steak and risotto dinner

    Firstly, yes it is possible to cook risotto in twenty minutes. We didn't time it outside but still reasonable amount of time Grilled steak and made risotto in a fry pan on the grill as well. Steak got away from me and was overdone - tasty but overdone. Grated parmesan Reggiano over the meal...
  20. cansmoke

    The smoked & grown combo plate!

    I stopped reading and was almost drooling at the pictures