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  1. smokehouse

    Question on Turkey Smoking...

    I think you will be fine without the water. I only use the water to help lower the temp since I do not have a temp adjustment. When its cold here like it is I don't need the water.
  2. smokehouse

    Meatloaf Cooking Suggestions

    All Great Suggestions. Thanks a lot for the info.
  3. smokehouse

    Meatloaf Cooking Suggestions

    Hey All, Well since I smoked some ribs 321 method of course and some fatties yesterday with great success. I decided to do a meatloaf today. I am looking for suggestions or opinions on how everyone likes to cook there meatloaf in there smoker as far as what you put underneath it. I have seen...
  4. smokehouse

    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

    They are Brining right now
  5. smokehouse

    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

    I am going to smoke some Chicken breasts, with some fatties of course. The breast are only half to three quarter inches thick. I was planning to have the smoker at around 250 and i am going to have the chicken in for about 2 and half hours or less. Anybody have advice for me on this one. Will i...
  6. smokehouse

    Outside Teperature & Smoking

    I rap a nice thick blanket around my ECB and have no problem keeping my temps up when it is cold out.
  7. smokehouse

    advice on some short smokes

    I got some boneless skinless chicken breasts and some fatties ready to go. Fatties are a given now. I did a couple fatties the second time i smoked food and now i am hooked. Most of the time the wife and I eat them right away. I don't know if i will ever be able to save them for breakfast. Not...
  8. smokehouse

    advice on some short smokes

    I get home around 3:00pm and would like to smoke some meat for dinner that day. I am looking for some advice on what i could cook that would not take too long to smoke. Could i bump up the temp on some things to cook them faster. I have an electric smoker so i could set a timer to turn it on...
  9. smokehouse

    hi from michigan

    Welcome Fellow Michigander. You have come to right place to learn about smoking stuff.
  10. smokehouse

    What have you given up?

    I didn't give up anything. I started smoking more of my pipe and cigars, while tending to the smoker.
  11. smokehouse

    dinners on

    8lb chicken brined for 12 hrs. jimmy dean sage fattie, jimmy dean hot fattie. Its 16 degrees with -2 windchill in Southeast Mich. and that dosen't stop my smoker
  12. smokehouse

    Brine and wood suggestions for first turkey

    I forgive ya Gunslinger. As far as the noninsulated bullet smoker. I have a noninsulated bullet electric smoker and all i did to get my temps up, because i live in Mich, was rap a blanket around the smoker. I have no problem with my temps now. I got the idea on this forum from someone. This...
  13. smokehouse

    Brine and wood suggestions for first turkey

    I plan on doing my first turkey this weekend and need some brining recipes. I also want to use a different wood. I have only used hikory. I have decided to use apple or mesquite. any suggestions of which one i should try first.
  14. smokehouse

    wood chip box distance

    Hey CHeech where did ya get the hot plate from and how many watts is it?
  15. smokehouse

    smoking temps and times chart?

    I am looking for a chart of some kind or some tips on smoking temps and times for different meats. Like whole chickens, chicken legs, whole turkeys, fish filets, briskets, sausages, etc. I know things vary with size and cooking times vary per pound. I would like a rough guess of what i temp i...
  16. smokehouse

    Advice on First Smoke

    I am new to smoking. I am getting my smoker next weekend for the hoilday. I am looking for some advice on what i should smoke for my first time smoking meat. What is the easiest thing to smoke until i get some experiance with my smoker. I am getting an Brinkmann Electric Gourmet smoker. I live...
  17. smokehouse

    wood chip box distance

    Hey all. I am getting my first smoker next weekend (Brinkmann Electric Gourmet). The smoker i am getting i was told to put something over the heating element to put my wood chip box on, so it dosen't sit directly on the heating element. I am looking for the correct distance away from the...
  18. smokehouse

    Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker mod tips??

    I am getting an Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker for Christmas and I am wondering if there are any mods i should do to help my performance? I noticed with the Charcoal version of this model there are a few mods recommended. Appreciate any tips. Thanks.
  19. smokehouse

    Lighting Methods

    I plan on buying a charcoal smoker and i have been reading this forum for tips. I am looking for advice on how to light your charcoal. The only way i know how is to is the way i do it on my webber, by putting lighter fluid on the charcoal and lighting it. I was wondering how you experianced guys...