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  1. jagugator

    advice for planning 2 butts for pulled pork

    So for the last three Saturdays. I have done 6 (2 each) ~10lb shoulders, give or take a pound, for my annual Christmas gifts. Same for all three weekends. MES30 at 275. Smoke until 140. The first two were bought at Sam's club. The next four were bought at our local military commissary. The...
  2. jagugator


    This is the same unit I just bought for my camper! I really like it. It is a 30 inch Gen 1 with a glass door.
  3. jagugator

    Kingsford on sale until April 5th.

    I got two of the Competition bag deals from Costco on Friday. I have never used it before so I am going to do a comparison.
  4. jagugator

    Kingsford on sale until April 5th.

    Just a heads up! Walmart has KBB 2x18 for 8.98, no limit. I am in Virginia and not sure if this is all places. Ed