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  1. smok_n_okie

    What's your occupation?

    i have not had an opportunity to post in a while.. i went back to school to get my Masters.. and have not been on puter much.. have really enjoyed reading these post.. currently i am a middle school history teacher.. but i have did a lot over the years.. .. i am a jack of all trades and a...
  2. smok_n_okie


    i pretty much stay beer now.. but in the day .. Crown and coke... jack black label, then wild turkey rare breed, or select breed.
  3. smok_n_okie

    Brisket !!

    here is a pic of a slice off one . i didn't get any full shots i snipped this off and went the the icechest with them.. more pic to come..
  4. smok_n_okie

    Brisket !!

    Ok man crazy day.. i have about an hour .. on time had both temp go out on me.. my digital just keeps comming up HI and blinking. i dont know.. thanks for all the help i'll put the finished pix up soon..
  5. smok_n_okie

    Brisket !!

    Good Morning .. man it seem like forever since i have been able to get on .. but i back at it .. i am in the process of building my own smoker .. will get pix up of that soon . but on to todays menu. at my school all of us teachers do an after payday lunch and someone said we should do Q.. SO I...
  6. smok_n_okie


    congrats to all
  7. smok_n_okie

    Happy Birthday Dutch!!!

    Happy Dog Gone Birthday.. hope it a great one....
  8. smok_n_okie

    See the World ... Smell the Smoke

    thanks for catching my goof up i got the equiptment and TBS posted...
  9. smok_n_okie

    Building a offset smoker....upated

    hot dang that a good looking rig.....need to get my welding jucies going.. and built me one...
  10. smok_n_okie

    whoohoo football is back

    I am always loyal to the first two teams i ever seen play in person.. cowboys and packers. playoffs 1981 in texas. 50 yd line 64 row.. now that i coach i find myself following coaches and/or coaches styles..
  11. smok_n_okie

    21 hour brisket smoke with pics

    lookn good... cannot wait....
  12. smok_n_okie

    Honor...Simply put...

    god bless all of you who have served.. and are currently serving... and THANK YOU !!!
  13. smok_n_okie

    See the World ... Smell the Smoke

    i would like to submit my first smoke .. my brisket moist, tender, and good smoke ring ..not bad for a Edited to add the TBS and what it was cooked on .. should have finished reading the rules.... no need to get tossed on a technicality.. thanks for the heads up...
  14. smok_n_okie

    old smoker at it again

    welcome .. lot of good here.
  15. smok_n_okie

    Another Newbie - More Newbie Questions

    Big Arms beat me to it .. i was going to say check that regulator .. as well as getting a secondary adjustment valve .. i am a scaverger .. i used to get mine off those old grate style home heaters.. use them to fine tune the flame for frying fish... i love the cheech and chong pix...
  16. smok_n_okie

    21 hour brisket smoke with pics

    Holy COW that a chunk of meat.. good luck on keeping the eye lids open.... cannot wait to see the pic as it goes ..
  17. smok_n_okie

    another noob

    welcome, im new here as well and there really a lot of good folks who will jump in and keep you going ..
  18. smok_n_okie

    Another first timer checking in

    ps .. forgot .. a gas hot water tank has a pretty good burner. i've used then to make fish fryers..
  19. smok_n_okie

    Another first timer checking in

    webfoot, welcome from one more okie .. good looking rig .. good looking Q lot of good people here.. i new my self and they take you right in ..
  20. smok_n_okie

    New Smoker

    Welcome, . i say post some pix .. i want to see this trashcan smoker.. with mods.. posting easy .. you need a sight to host the pix .. i use flickr(it's tied to yahoo.if you have an yahoo account.) and my own site.. there are tons out there. they will give you a link copy and then in a new...