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  1. edmonds

    Birria Tacos

    I love birria. I actually prefer it served as a beef consume/soup rather than tacos. And its easier. I've never smoked the beef, just braised it. Not sure I could taste the smoke with all the chiles in it.
  2. edmonds

    Summer Has Arrived - Beef Ribs!

    You did it again. Looks really good. And grilled pineapple too.
  3. edmonds

    Pork loin ribs ≠ baby back ribs

    We lived in Southern Illinois in the 1990's and loved to frequent Mike Mills and his Apple City BBQ. He always said it started with "true baby backs," 1.5 to 2 lb max. Sadly, the last time we went to his 17th Street restaurant in 2017 (we were there for the total eclipse), the ribs were mediocre...
  4. edmonds

    Pork loin ribs ≠ baby back ribs

    Does anyone else feel this way? If I wanted pork loin, I would buy a pork loin. I want to grill my baby back ribs without that mountain of loin on top. I know, I know, people want meat on their ribs. But loin really doesn't need to be cooked past 150F, and I like my ribs grilled to 180-200F...
  5. edmonds

    Memorial Weekend Special - Beef Ribs

    That's a mighty good looking hunk of ribs. And lucky you found a 5-bone section. Yum.
  6. edmonds

    Pure meat porn

    Too bad about skirt steak not making the pic. I would like to see it. And I've never seen flanken short ribs cut that thick. Bet it was all tasty.
  7. edmonds

    Brisket and Back Ribs Cook

    Not sure which looks better, brisket or back ribs. I love some good back ribs.
  8. edmonds

    Poblano Meatloaf with Guajillo Rub

    Alright then. Grilled meatloaf sandwich with cheese and caramelized onions.
  9. edmonds

    Poblano Meatloaf with Guajillo Rub

    Meatloaf sandwich? And a cold one at that? You guys are giving me ideas again. Any other suggestions besides mustard and cheese?
  10. edmonds

    The simple things

    When the cat is away ... Is your grate in upside down?
  11. edmonds

    Poblano Meatloaf with Guajillo Rub

    Been longing for smoked meatloaf. Decided to turn it up a notch with some chile peppers. Meatloaf - 80/20 ground beef, poblano chiles and onion. Rub - guajillo and smoked serrano chiles, brown sugar, Hungarian paprika, spices. Topping - jalapeño slices. Glaze/sauce - homemade smoky hot sauce...
  12. edmonds

    Ribeye and NY Strip on the Traeger

    Good looking steak.
  13. edmonds

    Chopped Beef

    I'll take sliced, with gravy or au jus, maybe a dash of horseradish. No, I'll take a chopped sandwich with pickled peppers and onions.
  14. edmonds

    Smoker Sunday - Bottom Round

    Good looking hunk of medium rare round. Don't understand the "bacon greased" part though. Is that white stuff on the roast the bacon grease? Do you think it penetrates the roast as it cooks?
  15. edmonds

    Homegrown Ribeye

    Looks good. Bet you're enjoying your homegrown.
  16. edmonds

    The Tractor Fired Right Up

    I also like that smoker.
  17. edmonds

    Corned beef!?????

    I think boiling was mentioned because that's a traditional way of cooking corned beef. Since the prepackaged corned beef is brined assuming a boil, you have to remove some of the salt if smoking instead.
  18. edmonds

    Don't let your Meatloaf

    Haven't had meatloaf in a while. Gonna haft rectify that. Like the poblano, but only 2 habaneros?
  19. edmonds

    Flank Steak - simple but always good

    Yes. I grow them till ripe (red), split open lengthwise, sometimes remove seeds. Put hot plate with pie tin and wood pieces in bottom of WSM. Smoke chiles on wire rack for several hours. Sometimes I finish it off in dehydrator. I used to do jalapeño/chipotles but have been doing serrano chiles...