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  1. petesque

    UDS Plans

    Just google ugly drum smoker. lots of posts. This is not set up for gas but charcoal using the minion method.
  2. petesque

    Smoker Design Plans

    Great book. Hope you got the 2nd editon with a pic of my smoker
  3. petesque

    Deep Fryed Turkey

    I use a rub also after the brine. I never had as good of results with injection
  4. petesque

    Exhaust pipe damper

    I have heard of this never close the damper also. But I use it for better control on mine. I thing the correct rule of thumb is never cloce the exhaust damper completly. The other rule is that their are no hard fast rules in smoking, or very few. Another discussion is the stack like on a off...
  5. petesque

    Legs & Bacon

    Dude that looks like one nice breakfast. Tell me how it is done please. Just bust an egg on the hash browns add cheese and throw in the smoker? Pete
  6. petesque

    Aloha from Big Island

    Aloha. Did my tour in the Navy at Barbers Point. Real tuff duty. What a struggle. Sunshine, Wahines, eternal 80 degrees and sun, did I mention sun? I made it through though. Welcome dude. Enjoy the stay.
  7. petesque

    My New Family Member errr Weber Genesis Grill

    I'll bet its a gas!!!! HA HA!!
  8. petesque

    Red Meat OK!!!!

    Yahoo!!! I am to so tired hearing the SH#$. Even my doc. I want to tell him to just take my money and fix what I break.
  9. petesque

    OK who is gonna start it?

    OK. I be ribs, Dutch's wicked baked beans, ABT's, Portabellos stuffed with artichoke hearts and cheese for starters.
  10. petesque

    OK who is gonna start it?

    Whats cooking for Memorial day?
  11. petesque

    Red Meat OK!!!!

    I see 2 things here. Red Meat is not the villian that its made out to be. My quesstion about smoked is which smoked? Their are so many that use chemicals/additives to simulate a smoky flavor and that is the issue. Not the smoked stuff that we know and love. Also of course their are those nuts...
  12. petesque

    Red Meat OK!!!!

    I read this article on the times web page. Don't let the tittle fool you. Red meet is OK because all the studies included processed meat. Unprocessed red meat does not increase heart disease diabietes etc... Now for the bad news smoked meat does. But the disclaimer here is in the chemicals added...
  13. petesque

    Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Fattie QVIEW

    Wow. How was the piston made? I wasn't hungry till I read this.
  14. petesque

    my first UDS build

    I was wondering what would happen if you added a piece of sheet metal maybe 2 inches larger in diameter than the charcoal box? I would think it would greatly reduce radiant heat and also create turbulence resulting in a more even heat when smoking. Pete
  15. petesque

    Craigs list find

    Well I am thinking of snagging this. What do you guys think?
  16. petesque

    Liquid Smoke

    Isn't using liquid smoke Like boiling Ribs?
  17. petesque

    Smoked Hot Dogs

    You got some good ideas here and I would throw some verity like chedder and jap, Some sausage, etc...
  18. petesque

    Rib rubs

    Try this link. It is kick ass.
  19. petesque

    Cowboy Campfire Ribs/With Q-View

    Who Makes that smoker? Any mods? Looks nice. Pete
  20. petesque

    Freash Hams

    I have 2 freash raw bone in hams to smoke. I was going to brine them and use a rub. I will be using my double barrel smoker. I know some of you have been here before any tips you can throw my way would be appreciated. Pete