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  1. wasp

    Pepper drying

    It is coming up for the season to plant over here in Australia. This time going for Chocolate Bhutlah and a few more super hots. Grow these in a large flood and drain outdoor hydro system and plant other chilies in the soil. Good to see there are a few more people out there that do the insane...
  2. wasp

    Pepper drying

    I have cold smoked reapers etc. for 2 -3 hours, whole, then cut in half and then in dehydrator on very low heat. Works quite well
  3. wasp


    I use my I-grill for hams in my smoker Never given me any problems Wasp
  4. wasp


    Hello and happy new year to all Do you have any recommendations for a brine for a tough rooster? My new neighbor has a couple in his freezer and has asked for help Most probably will end up in the oven to cook with a dry rub after brine Thanks
  5. wasp

    Tough rooster

    Hello all Have been asked by my new neighbor if any of you can help with a brine for a couple of tough roosters he has in his freezer I am not sure if I will smoke one and roast the other for him Bit hot in Australia at the moment so may not be able to use hot smoker with the fire-bans in...
  6. wasp


    Is there a good recipe/practice to smoke and dehydrate garlic I have both hot and cold smoker and would like to use finished product in a grinder Thank you
  7. wasp

    Tuna steak dry rub

    Hi from Australia Does anyone have a good dry rub for some prime tuna steaks They will be cold smoked only in a controlled environment I have done salmon with a couple of dry rubs and works fine (tastes fantastic) so should I use same method Any help will be great Wasp
  8. wasp

    Smoked BBQ Cabbage

    Awsome This will be cooked in Australia very soon WASP
  9. wasp

    Curing and cold smoking

  10. wasp

    making a batch of beef and moose jerky

    Did a small batch of cold smoked jerky yet to wash dehydrator but should not be a problem Next I will try Kangaroo (good lean meat) and smoke that first, dry rub and dehydrate Beef was good for first try need to get spices rught for smoke flavour Thank you very much
  11. wasp

    making a batch of beef and moose jerky

    Hi from Australia I have been thinking of cold smoking dry rub meat before the dehydrator My main question is did the smoke taint you dehydrator?
  12. wasp

    Need help Smoking Bacon

    Hello from Australia Cold smoked bacon from this part of the woods Wet brine (pork belly) for at least 7 days  Brine is 1 heaped cup of salt ( i use rock salt), 1/2 cup brown sugar, 2 teaspoons cure and 5 cloves of garlic (halved) for 7 litres (2 gallon) of water (boil) and refrigerate, turn...
  13. wasp

    Rare temps in mid July, so smoked some butter and cheese

    Looks fantastic What system are you using? I have generator running into modified bar fridge and use pellets From Australia and use our red gum (hickory type smoke) grey box or iron bark pellets I an hooked on cold smoked nuts and cheese and and.... Wasp
  14. wasp

    Hello from Australia.

    Hello Phil From Western Australia and both hot and cold smoking in this neck off the woods Have done cold smoked salmon and it does not taste like shop bought stuff same with cheese....yum Let me know if you need help or hints This forum is the best Wasp
  15. wasp

    Curing and cold smoking

    Kangaroos have ----"B"-/-//
  16. wasp

    Curing and cold smoking

    Flavour before tombstone The taste of the smoke, even when cooked cant buy in supermarket I wont buy mass injected pink stuff from the shop chains
  17. wasp

    Curing and cold smoking

    Hello from Western Australia I have mini fridge with controled thermostat We brine our "meat" with prague #1 and then into cold smoke My generator is only good for about 8 hours (beer takes over) so we take it out after first smoke, into normal fridge overnight and go again I have done this and...
  18. wasp

    Mini Fridge

    I will give it a go Thsnk you
  19. wasp

    Mini Fridge

    Thank you for the info I am using venturi pot with pellets and 1/2" hose into unit Exhaust is 1 1/2" fan forced The pot will last up to two hours before ash needs a stir and reload with more pellets I have issues with creosote running back into pellets making them wet I had major stains om...
  20. wasp

    Mini Fridge

    Hello from Western Australia I am cold smoking with a bar fridge that has been modified The inside, being white, atracted all the smoke fumes and ended up baby poo brown that will not wipe off If you need more info please ask and I can try help WASP