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  1. zgnf05

    First Butt

    Well for testing reasons mixed 3oz's of apple juice to 1oz of peach snapps and gave a taste it was alright but think I will just go with Apple Juice.
  2. zgnf05

    First Butt

    Going to smoke my first butt tomorrow on my Traeger Grill and my question is has anyone ever tried a combo of Apple Juice and Peach Snapps? I did a search but nothing popped. Thanks in advance for any advice. Z
  3. zgnf05

    Hi from Missouri

    Welcome to the board. Z
  4. zgnf05

    My New Treager

    Congrats on the new grill I love mine. Would you mind shooting me the recipe for the twice smoked pork? Jason
  5. zgnf05

    Birthday and what was in the smoker

    This was the first real smoke and the smoker was a bit full after the batch of beans was added :)
  6. zgnf05

    Birthday and what was in the smoker

    Thanks for the b-days wishes and yes my mother indeed enjoy the bbq. also Thanks for all the great advise!!! Z
  7. zgnf05

    Birthday and what was in the smoker

    Today is my b-day so we got the new smoker cranked up and did the following. Wicked Beans 1 4lb Butt with Jeff's Rub and sauce 1 4.5lb Butt plain 1 pork loin with Master Q Rub and my wifes mother's bbq sauce 2 small pork roasts with sweet rub from Traeger Also made the pork finishing sauce as...
  8. zgnf05

    Traeger 70E

    Smoked some dogs and a few sauages :) both were very tasty did a mix of mesquite and hickory. Going to do a butt this weekend and maybe a pork loin got all the stuff to makes Jeff's rub and sauce should be a fun weekend. Smoked the dogs on smoke setting for 15min and kicked it up to 350 to...
  9. zgnf05

    Traeger 70E

    Here are the new pics of my Traeger 70E Smoker. This pic is of the grill doing original burn in. This pic is right after we tested it before starting the burn in.
  10. zgnf05

    She's Christened Lucille

    Congrats on your new addition pictures look great. Z
  11. zgnf05

    Breaking In SmokyOkie's Super Smoker

    Very nice looking smoker being here in Tulsa maybe next time I can pop by and meet a few members looks like everyone had a great time once again congrats on the new smoker. Did you give it a new name? Z
  12. zgnf05

    Calling all Okies in & around Tulsa

    Maybe the Atlas Life Building it has neon on top of it. There was also a old building that att still has I have heard it used to change colors long ago. Z
  13. zgnf05

    Traeger 70E

    Pulled the trigger and ordered me Traeger 70E today it will be here next week will post pics after it gets here I am so excited like waiting for xmas. My family bought it for me for my upcoming b-day so guess I will be testing it then :) Z
  14. zgnf05

    Hello from Tulsa Ok

    Been reading the newsletter for a few months now and reading some items in the forums still trying to decide on what kind of smoker to buy. I thought about one of the Traegar Grills or some other pellet smoker. If you were just starting out again what would you all buy? Look forward to the...