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  1. thedude99

    Do big offsets taste better than small offsets?

    I’ve heard this, ease of burning a clean fire is probably the explanation. If you know how to run your small offset properly, I highly doubt there is going to be a noticeable difference. If there is, it’s likely to be very small.
  2. thedude99

    Trying to decide on a new offset

    The Workhorse is designed for even temperature’s across the grates without the need for tuning plates like the LSG needs. To me - this is a better design. Folks over on the bbq-brethren form have reported actually getting a 5 degree differential across the pit as well.
  3. thedude99

    Old Oklahoma Joe

    Cook chamber is 20”x36” - 975 square inches. I don’t cook much more than a brisket or two, a couple of pork shoulders or a few racks of ribs with it. I could fit a good deal more on. The specs are here
  4. thedude99

    Old Oklahoma Joe

    This is what I have. Great smoker.
  5. thedude99

    Old Oklahoma Joe

    For a wedding or event you could cook at home and load up Cambros.
  6. thedude99

    Old Oklahoma Joe

    Horizon puts the weight of a lot of their smokers on their website, and the one a size down from the one that looks similar to this one is listed at 900lb on the pallet. It’s a lot smaller.
  7. thedude99

    Old Oklahoma Joe

    The propane hookup is probably for getting the fire started. That’s a pretty common accessory for stickburners. As far as the size, it really depends on what you are cooking. Future capacity is certainly important, but if most of your cooking is going to be a couple of briskets or a few racks...
  8. thedude99

    Old Oklahoma Joe

    Do you need a smoker that big? Price is likely pretty good if you do, but I don’t know your market. Old OKJ’s are supposed to be very good. It would be made in America from heavy duty steel. Fully welded. Not assemble your own thin steel like current OKJ’s I have a Horizon Smoker, it’s very...
  9. thedude99

    New to Offsets: looking for help

    Try using smaller splits, and adding them more frequently. Cheap offset smokers are a battle - it likely doesn’t have good airflow. Mad Scientist BBQ just put out a video about running on a smoker like yours - might be worth a watch.
  10. thedude99

    How to decrease temp

    Learn to ride the temperature differences. Your bbq will be fine. I have the same smoker. It runs happily between 250-275 as a general range. Which means I end up cooking between ~ 250 to 300 (not as a consistent temp - my cooks go through the range of 250-300) It’s a lot of work (and...
  11. thedude99

    Temp Control Ok Joe

    I always had to run that smoker with the door wide open. Anytime I tried to close it and control the temps with the vent my split would start to smolder. The vent is undersized IMHO
  12. thedude99

    Too much smoke? Why?

    I think it comes down to poor airflow in those smokers. I had the same problem with my OKJ Highland, with properly seasoned wood. Smoker was sealed, happened with small splits I upgraded to a Horizon, and the problem went away. Same wood pile.
  13. thedude99

    Middle of the road upgrade? Or go all out?

    I wouldn’t bother upgrading to an Oklahoma Joe. It would be a bit better than what you have, it you will still battle all the cheap offset smoker issues with it. I had an OKJ Highland for a while. I turned out great BBQ with it, but it was a constant battle with it. I upgraded to a Horizon...
  14. thedude99

    How Long can a turkey rest in a cooler?

    Thanks folks.  It came out of the cooler fine after 4 hours.  Definitely continued to cook a bit, and it wasn't as good as if it had come straight off and rested.  But it was still quite good. It caught me off guard, it was an 18.5lb bird and was done in around 4 hours.  It was unstuffed, the...
  15. thedude99

    How Long can a turkey rest in a cooler?

    Hi, My bird was done sooner than expected.  I've foiled it, wrapped it in towels and put it in a cooler.  From a food safety point - how long can I leave it sit?  Is 4 hours too long? Thanks!
  16. thedude99

    Basic question on 2-2-1/3-2-1 Timing

    Hi, With the 2-2-1/3-2-1 method, do you generally keep track of time from then you put the meat on, or when the smoker comes up to temperature? I'm smoking some back ribs with 2-2-1 in the Canadian winter on my MES, and the temperature dropped a fair amount while I was putting the ribs on. ...
  17. thedude99

    Question on First time seasoning of MES 30

    When I run through the first time seasoning of my new MES - do I need to let it cool down like it says in the manual before cooking?  I'm wondering if I can just throw my food in once it is done and cook it rather than turning it off, waiting for it to cool, the pre-heating it again. Thanks!
  18. thedude99

    Hi Folks

    Hi all, Long time lurker, figured I'd finally sign up.  I'm fairly experienced in the world of standard BBQ, but an amateur with smoking.  I've recently started smoking on my Weber Kettle with a Smokenator had some good results (and some duds).  I decided to pick up an MES electric (got the...