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  1. sdagro

    Attention Orion Owners - Orion Mod!!!

    I like the mod.  It gives you the "best of both worlds"!!  Any cooking instructions/times/suggestions.  Steve D.
  2. sdagro

    Orion Cooker

    I have one.  Bought it in Nov.  Have cooked turkeys, Boston Butts, Chicken, game hens, pork loin.  Love it.  One good handful of chips of your choice and about 14# of ANY BRAND charcoal and good to go.  Use reg charcoal and lighter.   No smoke ring?? SO!!for personal use to m,e it's more about...
  3. sdagro

    RivalKCSmoker Who owns? Any tips?

    I bought one of these 3 yrs. ago and loved it.  My sister-in-law went back to PA to visit and saw them at Wal-mart on clearance and bought the last 2 at $20.00/ea and had them shipped UPS for $10.00/ea.  I've about burned out the 1st one and just starting to use #2.  We have done brisket...