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  1. crewdawg52

    baby babk ribs question

    Mustard wont leave any taste and the smoke flavor does come through. IF you have it, try peanut oil. Lighty rub it on, then put on your favorite rub. Let it sit out of the frig for a bit so the meat can come to room temp, and the rub "melts" on the ribs. You'll get a great bark!
  2. crewdawg52

    Butt time and size question

    Do a high temp cook...... 275*-300* smoke. Many on comp teams are doing that now. Cuts down on the cooking time.
  3. crewdawg52

    ash removal tool

    I too shop vac it. Muy easy.
  4. crewdawg52

    Libertyville IL State Championship

    Just for your (or anybodies )info.... KCBS turn in times are always the same, unless there is a special circumstance, which would be published in any info about the comp. Noon - CHIX 12:30 - RIbs 1:00 - pork 1:30- brisket
  5. crewdawg52

    Dino Bones Question

    Dino's are the ribs off the Rib Roast or "Prime Rib". Lots of fat. Remove the rib membrane and cut off as much of the excess fat that you can. Dont worry, plenty of fat is ther. Put your favorite rub on and smoke. No need to foil ( the excess fat will keep them moist). I do Dinos alot...
  6. crewdawg52

    Is this worth looking into? Hobart 210

    You decide
  7. crewdawg52

    How do you get meat from the smoker?

    Got a pair of vinyl/plastic/neoprene "chemical" gloves at TSC for $3.99. Put the meat on a foil covered baking sheet and cart it in.
  8. crewdawg52

    Which Wood Smoker to Buy?

    Get a Klose.
  9. crewdawg52

    Lighting Charcoal with Isopropyl Alcohol?

    Why? Chimney, newspaper (sprayed with Pam if ya want) is all you need.
  10. crewdawg52

    Happy Birthday crewdawg52, tikiboy, Deewain32, bshep714 & Smoke_Chef

    Many thx. And ya know what, dont feel a day over 48............
  11. crewdawg52

    should i get a weber kettle?

    A buddy gave his old one 3 or 4 yrs ago. LOVE it, especially for small smokes. Here's some examples. Dino Bones Whole Yarbird
  12. crewdawg52

    Competitions in Louisiana?

    Cooked with the Smokin Scottsmen in Hammond this year. Great event, except its in downtown Hammond, next to night clubs, and the train tracks run about every 35 minutes (the tracks are about 30 yards behind the cooking area)
  13. crewdawg52

    Smoking a pig

    TY. The frame is just scrap iron. Went to a welding and fabrication shop down the street. Gave him the deminsions, and he made it from stuff he had lying around for $50. When I got it home, used a hand grinder and removed all the "nasty stuff", oiled it, and took a blow torch to it to season it.
  14. crewdawg52

    Smoking a pig

    Did one last month, a 108 lber. First one, fairly easy, but labor intensive. If its just you, the mrs, and the kids, like others have said, do a butt or whole shoulder. But if you are dead set about doing a pig, get a suckling (you will have lots of leftovers)...
  15. crewdawg52

    Went Whole Hog With Arnold

    Arnold came in at 108 lbs, dressed, and ready for cookin.....
  16. crewdawg52

    Went Whole Hog With Arnold

    Heat source was in each corner. Foiled lined the bottom and lower two rows (of 4 rows) of cinder blocks to maintain the heat and act as sort of a convection oven/smoker. The foil pans were there to catch the drippings. Didnt want any grease fires. Had to add more hickory coals about every 2...
  17. crewdawg52

    Reheating pulled pork

    Foil pan, moisture of your liking, and heat at 250* until the temp of your choice.
  18. crewdawg52

    Went Whole Hog With Arnold

    Never had done a whole hog before and have been talking about it for a couple of years now. So a buddy suggested (we were at our favorite watering hole) we do one, so we did. Started out with 20lbs of charcoal, divided into 4 piles (with a big chunk of apple) placed in each corner. Used...
  19. crewdawg52

    first brisket - step-by-step with q-view

    Nice brisky Tas. Kettles do a fantastic job! I use one all the time for small smokes. Just need to know how many coals to use for a certain temp you want (ex: I know it takes 13-17 on each side to reach and maintain 250* depending on outside temps). Here's a pic of another way that I use to...
  20. crewdawg52

    Turn your Weber Kettle into a smoker

    That thing is $170! Why go through the expense and trouble of turning your kettle into a WSM? The kettle itself is a great smoker.