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  1. gcam

    Looking for a good BBQ wood supplier!!

    Hi everybody, I am moving to Jackson Mississippi in May. I was wondering if anybody from the area knew of a good supplier of BBQ wood. I'm mainly looking for apple and hickory, but i'm looking to experiment with maple, cherry and pecan. Thanks for your help.
  2. gcam

    Just the flat

    Hey everybody I'm doing a 5lb brisket flat, I was wondering if the 1/-2 hours per pound rule applies? And any tips this is my first brisket.
  3. gcam

    First long cook!!

    Thanks Danny, so I started this morning at 6a.m. I took your advice and didn't tie it. I've been cooking around 225-245. So far so good let me know what you think. Here it is all rubbed up and ready to go. This is it at about 5 plus hours.
  4. First long cook!!

    First long cook!!

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  7. gcam

    First long cook!!

    Hi everybody, I'm doing my first pork shoulder on Saturday and I need a few pointers. First I have a 11lb shoulder bone out I'm cooking in a TLE. So my first question is, since the bone has been removed the shoulder is barely together, I have seen a few other people bind it together. Do I need...
  8. noob having some trouble!!

    noob having some trouble!!

  9. gcam

    noob having some trouble!!

    so I have a Brinkmann TLE that I bought off of craigslist. it's in good condition a few rust spots on the firebox. I have done 3 cooks on it and the food is turning out great. My problem is getting the grill up to temp. I've built a charcoal basket, added a baffle, the only thing that I haven't...
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  11. gcam

    Hello Everyone from St. Louis

    hi everybody, I am so excited to finally be a member of the site. I have recently picked up smoking, so I'm a noob, but anything and everything that I have wanted to know is been right here!! I have learned so much from you guys and gals,I can't tell you how great this site is. Ok do, I recently...