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  1. deafsmoker

    Memorial Day Sales events

    Picked up 3 combos myself. I picked up 400 lbs last Labor day and I've got 4 bags left. Putting the old pile onto the new pile
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  3. deafsmoker

    Weber 18.5 gold advice please?

    I got a Weber 18.5 gold one touch brand new today for heckuva price. I have one question or several. Do y'all normally just put charcoals on the charcoal grate and let em sink down through for the cleaner? Or do you go and get those weber charcoal baskets that was designed exclusively for the...
  4. deafsmoker

    Thanksgiving turkey slow cooking in the oven - advice?

    I couldn't decide where to post this, so I'm asking y'all for help/advice. :} This year I get to do the turkey. I'd like your input on slow cooking turkey in the oven. I'm going to brine turkey in salt and water overnight, rinse and put melted butter all over it. Will add rosemary and thyme...
  5. deafsmoker

    buy one get one free kingsford..

    Yeeeeeeaaaaappp! Just bought 5 packs of two's. Got 200 lbs and 32 pounds "old bags" sitting in the garage now. Get em before the sale ends on 5th or before supplies runs out.
  6. deafsmoker

    1st ever Pork Tenderloin grilled/smoked I did tonight - qview

    The one that looked burnt, it was. I burnt it a little but I just scrapped away the burnt "skin" and it still tasted awesome. No BBQ sauce needed. Sorry about the picture mixups. Tried with iPad but didn't go MY WAY.
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  12. deafsmoker

    1st ever Pork Tenderloin grilled/smoked I did tonight - qview

    I marinated 2 pork tenderloins last night for about 15 hours in KC rib rub marinade that I made. Then I put em over charcoal with hickory wood chunks. Cooked/smoked to *145 degrees, wrapped in foil to rest for an hour while the wife did her part. Turned out pretty fricking great, if you ask me...
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  15. deafsmoker

    Kingsford sale at home depot

    HECK YA! If walmart had that sale for RO lump, I'd be all over it like white on rice. Damn they don't do sales on RO!
  16. deafsmoker

    Would like to switch to gas grilling

    I myself, have a stainless big gas grill, char griller smoking pro that's used ONLY for smoking and a table top charcoal grill. The tabletop is big enough for the wife and me. The gas grill is used when I'm either too lazy for charcoal or in the winter time when it's too cold for me to fidget...
  17. deafsmoker

    Baby Back Ribs (Long..sorry)'s the Q view you've been waiting for! Ribs came out great...friends said it came out great! Finger lickin good!  One thing I COULD improve on is to make it a little more moister. It was great, but could use just a little bit more moistness in it.  Every one had 2nd's and 3rds!! Yay...
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  20. deafsmoker

    Baby Back Ribs (Long..sorry)