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  1. big guy


    just go out and shoot one, its easy, then the work begins. They make wonderful l Moosestrami
  2. P6060002.JPG


  3. big guy

    What made some of my casings turn white-ish ?

    usually touching or a wet casing causes that in my experience
  4. big guy

    sausage "bounce" texture

    I like to have 25% fat in my sausage. pork butt is 25% fat, venison is 0% so a 50/50 mix would give you only 12.5 % fat in your sausage that will work in a snack stick but be too dry for a fresh sausage you need to add more fat.
  5. big guy

    Lava links

    The crumbly texture is probably due to too much vinegar in the mix. It prevents a good bind and thus a crumbly texture.
  6. big guy

    Summer Sausage w/Cheese/Jalapeno/Spanish Olives/ & Pimento ( QVIEW - QVIEW - QVIEW)

    looking good from my wet keyboard(drool) lol
  7. big guy

    changing my email address

    how do I do this? when I try it gives me an error message ?
  8. Beer Vines

    Beer Vines

  9. big guy

    Beer Vines

    I saved some seeds anyone want any.
  10. Smoked Turkey 006.JPG

    Smoked Turkey 006.JPG

  11. Smoked Turkey 007.JPG

    Smoked Turkey 007.JPG

  12. my lime tree

    my lime tree

  13. big guy

    my lime tree

    Bud Light Lime Honest
  14. Lime tree 003.JPG

    Lime tree 003.JPG

  15. Lime tree 002.JPG

    Lime tree 002.JPG

  16. Lime tree 001.JPG

    Lime tree 001.JPG

  17. big guy

    I can't post a picture anymore

    working OK now
  18. big guy

    I can't post a picture anymore

    . oops its back
  19. big guy

    I can't post a picture anymore

    some improvement I didn't get the same error message the last time I submitted a text message but I still get it when I click on the insert an image icon
  20. big guy

    I can't post a picture anymore

    regular lap top computer