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  1. wild west

    Combo pellet and gas grills

    If you can swing a used Yoder 640 that would be my choice. Cleaning is pretty much same as most pellet grills vacume out fire pot before each use, scrape down diffuser plate when it looks visibly greasy, vacume bottom out occasionally. Remove the diffuser plate (new diffuser plate has a door you...
  2. wild west

    Pellet grills/smokers

    If you keep an an eye on cabellas website they occasionally have the campchef woodwind 24 on for 999.00 cad. They had it on sale in September and again before Xmas. Nice cause you can add different accessories to it down the road. Almost pulled the trigger on one in September but ended up...
  3. wild west

    Watched threads

    Jeff. Since you added the link back I can access my watched threads but it seems the only way I can add any more watched threads is if I comment in that thread. I've been trying to add an old thread by Pops6927 on cured smoked turkey and I've selected watch thread. A message pops up that the...
  4. wild west

    50% code for Inkbird Instant read meat thermometer----$9.99 get one

    I would also like a code if still available please. The Amazon link didn't work for me
  5. wild west

    Cold Smoking Temps in My MES w/Auber

    I usually go without heat also. Just need to start with heat for the first few minutes to get a positive air flow going through the smoker.
  6. wild west

    Electric smoker won’t get hot enough

    Like daveomak said you need to strip down the hotplate. The first hotplate I had in my electric was 1200 watts and I could run it up to 240f. Also I believe that controller you are useing is only rated for 1100 watts max so that could also be contributing to your problem. If you decide to add a...
  7. wild west

    Yoder wait time

    Curlly11 do you think the controller upgrade was worth the price? Been considering it but not sure.
  8. wild west

    injectable marinade recipe for turkey I don't post alot and not sure if this link will be allowed. I've used a few different injections in the past but once I tried this one it's my go to.
  9. wild west

    Watched threads

    Thank you very much sir
  10. wild west

    Watched threads

    Sorry. Bookmarking that page is what I ended up doing.
  11. wild west

    Watched threads

    That's what I ended up doing but it's not as simple as before. Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions
  12. wild west

    Watched threads

    Thanks Ryan. That gets me to my watched threads but how can I access it without going to that link.
  13. wild west

    Will an Amaze-tube combust.

    I've had mine ignite before. Too close to the air intake vent which was wide open . Didn't hurt anything it was under a stainless steel shelf to protect it and the heat source is above it and food higher up above heat.
  14. wild west

    What happened to watched forums and watched threads on the menu

    Same issue here. I'd hate too loose them
  15. wild west

    Watched threads

    I don't book mark them. When you open a thread someone started above the thread you can choose to watch the thread if you want to then in the menu you can select to go to watched threads or go to threads that you have posted in. I can't find that in the menu anymore. I tried looking in book...
  16. wild west

    Watched threads

    Good morning. Since the latest changes I can't find where to access my watched threads. I'm looking for some threads I had saved with recipes posted that I'm wanting to try. All help is appreciated
  17. wild west

    Pay to shop preferences, BJ's or Costco

    I've been a costco member for over 20 yrs. Here the eggs,dairy, produce,baking supplies, laundry supplies, as well as alot of other things are cheaper than regular prices at the grocery chains. I've bought tires , computers, TV, meds etc... like civilsmoker we have the executive membership and...
  18. wild west

    More stuffed onions .

    Look forward to the thread
  19. wild west

    More stuffed onions .

    Hi chopsaw now that you've had your smokefire for awhile what's your impression. Do you have any regrets not getting the ex6 instead. I'm deciding whether to get one or maybe another brand of pellet grill
  20. wild west

    MIxed Results with Brisket

    Cure #1 is a mixture of salt and nitrite at rate of 93.75 % salt and 6.25% nitrite. It is often called prauge powder or pink salt (not to be confused with pink Himalayan salt). It's used to prevent bacteria from contaminating the meat when smoking at low temperatures in a low oxygen environment...