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  1. rickypro

    Kamado Joe

    How is the Kamado working out Gator? I just ordered one as well to add to my collection.  Should have it in a couple of days!
  2. rickypro

    Propane Smoker v. Charcoal Smoker

    I have done two briskets the past month.  My first two briskets ever.  I have a lower end offset smoker that I have never smoked anything on until yesterday.  I purchased a wide body GOSM last year and have done all my smoking on that thus far.  The brisket on the GOSM was great!  Nice flavor...
  3. rickypro

    Smoked Prime Rib on Weber Genesis Qvues

    That looks fantastic!  
  4. rickypro

    Show Yourself

    Here is one of my son and me.
  5. Show Yourself

    Show Yourself

  6. 1859.JPG


  7. rickypro


    Jeff's book, electric knife, and some clothes!  
  8. rickypro

    GOSM Big Block Door Gasket Mod Results

    This may be a dumb question but did you put the gasket material on the door and the smoker itself?  I only put gasket on the door and it seals great but the fibers are sticking to the smoker itself when I open the door.  Not bad so I don't think it will be a problem but I will have to order...
  9. GOSM Big Block Door Gasket Mod Results

    GOSM Big Block Door Gasket Mod Results

  10. rickypro

    GOSM Big Block Door Gasket Mod Results

    Boy this is weird.  After seeing this thread and posting in it above,  I ordered and received a roll of this about an hour ago.  While testing it out and telling my wife I might have to replace the gasket every year or so your reply popped up on my phone.  Great minds think alike I guess! No...
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  12. rickypro

    GOSM Big Block Door Gasket Mod Results

    After running all over town looking for gasket rope today I came home to find this post and this looks like a great way to seal the door.  I also have a GOSM wide body.  I know this is an old thread but if anyone that has done this mod sees this, does the magnet on the door still close the door...
  13. rickypro

    Hello from East Texas

    Welcome!  Another East Texan here.  Tyler Lots of great information on this site!
  14. rickypro

    Going to the next level

    Welcome Al!  I know just where you are.  I am in Tyler myself.  Welcome to SMF! I am pretty new to smoking but I have learned alot from the fine folks here at SMF already!
  15. rickypro

    Stubborn butts

    The last butt I smoked was a 9 pounder and it took almost 18 hours to get to 200 degrees.  I was cooking at 225-235 degrees.  It did stall for a long time as well.
  16. rickypro

    My new friend, Sand

    I too use sand now.  It really seems to work well.  
  17. rickypro

    Neighbors ever complain about smoke?

    That is the same smoker I have.  You will love it!  I really like the chip and water pan drawers.  Very easy to keep temps level. 
  18. rickypro

    Stolen Bar-B-Que Smoker on 14ft Trailer NEW PICTURE of the smoker.

    Thanks for posting.  I sure hope they catch the thief and recover the smoker.