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  1. buda q

    Small backyard reverse flow build

    Glad to see ya back at it. Looking good. Send me a message when it's time to move it; I have a skid steer. Good Luck Keith
  2. buda q

    First RF Build. Excited!

    It sure pays to shop around. Here's that piece of steel I cut out beyond the dam to try to regulate the volume and get the temps more in line. Didn't work.... Today the weather was nice and I got to "experiment" with the pit today, checking temps and such. That's what I tell the wife when I...
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  11. buda q

    First RF Build. Excited!

    Used propane tanks go for more here than new steel. Hard to believe. An average tank here on CL is $250.
  12. buda q

    First RF Build. Excited!

    It's only an 18 hour drive...haha
  13. buda q

    Small backyard reverse flow build

    Sean, that's looking real good so far.
  14. buda q

    The three month build

    That's a good one!
  15. buda q

    Another 250 gallon RF Build Thread (My first build)

    Yup, really nice!
  16. buda q

    First RF Build. Excited!

    It really is a good price. And they give you one cut for free so you can order whatever size you want. I have another place where I buy the smaller steel items, versus using the HUGE steel place. I get 2'x2'x1/4" plate for $28. I don't know if that's a good price. I could buy whole sheets...
  17. buda q

    CrazyQ's BBQ Trailer Build

    Howdy. That's a nice size build. Mine is the same size. Based on the pictures, I'm concerned that your rf plate will sit way high. The volume under the rf plate should be about 1/3 of the volume of the cooking chamber. It looks like it will end up being half based on the firebox placement...
  18. buda q

    First RF Build. Excited!

    We are just east of you down goforth rd near 2001. I'll get you the name of the sandblast place. It's up on 183 near elroy. You can buy decent pipe at triple s steel in san Antonio. 20" diameter x 5/16 runs $35/ft. You can buy 24" x 1/4" for $33/ft. Pretty good prices, I think. I get down that...
  19. buda q

    Brand aint the difference folks

    I was fortunate enough to have found this forum when I wanted to build a reverse flow pit. I almost pulled the trigger on one made here in Texas for $1800, but just couldn't do it. I work with a little bit of steel... I read a lot, asked a lot of questions, and received a lot of answers from...
  20. buda q

    First RF Build. Excited!

    Thanks Sean! I haven't had time to get it painted yet, but I will. Ask any questions here and they will be answered. That's how I got it done. Post some pics of your project. Let's burn some meat here in Central Tx! My address is actually in Kyle as well. Keith