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  1. slysmoke

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbrid Waterproof 150 feet Bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes and Grill Mats

    Smoke Hollow vertical gasser and a Mini Weber Smokey Mountain
  2. slysmoke

    Giveaway for Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide

    Count me in please
  3. slysmoke

    Verticle gas smoker

    So water pans are kind of a personal choice. Some folks do fill them with water, and refill them during the smoke due to evaporation. Others either don't use them, or fill them with sand in order to add thermal mass to the smoker. The added mass, once up to temp, can help even out dips in...
  4. slysmoke

    Verticle gas smoker

    Hi Lorandrous, I've had a Smoke Hollow vertical for about 3 years now. A few things I did to mine: Added gasket to the doors, (It leaked quite a bit), I used this - Tossed the chip pan in favor of a cast...
  5. slysmoke

    cold smoking in smoke hollow 38 gasser

    I'm out of town till Sunday, I'll try to put up a pic of the CI skillet in the SH38 when I get back
  6. slysmoke

    cold smoking in smoke hollow 38 gasser

    The skillet I used was a 12 inch, it sits on a grate with 1 inch legs that was left over from the side burner of an old grill. Before that I had placed a piece of steel angle on either side of the burner hole to set the skillet on. The chip tray supports were not strong enough for the weight of...
  7. slysmoke

    cold smoking in smoke hollow 38 gasser

    Yep, I used the Amazen expanding tube in my SH38 back in January for my first try at cheese. See thread: I have a cast iron skillet in the bottom of my SH38 where the chip tray used to be. I put a couple of wood chunks...
  8. slysmoke

    Need Advice for my FIRST SMOKER

    I've had the SH38 for about 2.5 years now, still going strong. A few things I did to mine: Added gasket to the doors, (It leaked quite a bit), I used this - Tossed the chip pan in favor of a cast iron...
  9. slysmoke

    Smoke Hollow 44 mod questions

    Hey BW, Not sure how it compares to the BGE felt kit, but I used this on my SH38  It's been holding up well for 2.5 years now, and sealed both doors pretty tightly.
  10. slysmoke

    First ever cheese

    Thanks AB and Bellaru. Have not tried it yet, forcing myself to wait 2 weeks to pop some open. I'll report back on Sunday
  11. slysmoke

    First ever cheese

    Thanks Sauced. As far as taste, I will know on Super Bowl Sunday, as that will be the 2 week mark that I've forced myself to wait. I used the Pitmasters Choice. Hopefully it doesn't come out too strong. If so I'll need to order something milder for the next attempt.
  12. slysmoke

    Stuffed Pork Loin (Apple)

    Thanks Bear. Looking forward to seeing how the que mat wrap works for you.
  13. slysmoke

    First Prime packer

    Wow! I just ate breakfast and that makes me hungry again. Love the bark!
  14. slysmoke

    First ever cheese

    Thanks Al and B! The salmon didn't get eaten last night (Ok, maybe just one small tail piece). It gets vacuum packed and frozen for lunches. Today the vac sealer will get its workout packing the cheese and the salmon. I usually cool the salmon overnight before packing. Seems to set the oils...
  15. slysmoke

    Stuffed Pork Loin (Apple)

    Did another one of these yesterday, pretty much following the previous steps, except I use my apple corer/peeler/slicer thingy and mix up my own filling with brown sugar and cinnamon. Forgot to take a pic of the slicing and stuffing stage. After I laid the rolled loin on the que mat I figured...
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  19. First ever cheese

    First ever cheese

  20. slysmoke

    First ever cheese

    Back during the holiday sale I finally picked up one of Todd's expanding tube smokers with the intent to smoke cheese, and maybe jerky. By Saturday I had gotten enough cheese pulled together to make a go of it, and since a picture is worth a thousand words: Left to right - Gouda, Colby...