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  1. sev-

    Double Smoked Ham (Bear Style)

    Christmas ham thanks to your step by step. Appreciate the easy guides for everything!
  2. Double Smoked Ham  (Bear Style)

    Double Smoked Ham (Bear Style)

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  4. sev-

    First pork butt finished.

    Fair point, maybe my wife can give me fresh opinion at lunch. The lack of color led me to assume my taste buds weren't foolin me but after a beer or six maybe I shouldn't trust my tastebuds.
  5. First pork butt finished.

    First pork butt finished.

  6. sev-

    First pork butt finished.

    Taking cues from multiple threads I attempted my first pork butt today. Rubbed and let sit for 1.5 days. Smoked for 16 hours. Ended up with a great tasting crust. But in the end I didn't really get much smoke penetration. Using my MES40 (stock)I fed it basically non stop. Used Mesquite...
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  10. sev-

    5.5-6 hours to get out of safe zone

    Ok, appreciate the response. I was leaning that way. My mom even said to send it to her if I wouldn't eat it. I need to Google less.
  11. sev-

    5.5-6 hours to get out of safe zone

    I didnt cure my pork butt but I also didn't probe it until 3 hours into the smoke. Took between 5.5 and 6 hours to hit 140. Chance it? Toss it?. Thoughts?
  12. sev-

    New Guy

    Hey everyone. Been a reader for a little while decided to join after getting my hands on a 40" Masterbuilt and running into an issue. (I'll save that for another post, hopefully I won't be eating pizza tonight) Been living in Savannah, Ga for 3 years now. Spent 36 years in Ohio first but I got...