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  1. pecanwood

    Smoked Venison lions

    Bet it would be great in a pot of dry beans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. pecanwood

    Need help buying a propane smoker

    Does the GOSM 3605BGD hold the heat well, and is the temp. easy to adjust? I am planing on using this mostly for bacon and jerky. Is it good for this?
  3. pecanwood

    Need help buying a propane smoker

    What propane smoker is the best to buy. I never had one before and would like some input for the pros. Thanks
  4. pecanwood

    Latest attempt at Maple Flavor in Bellies

    I have a piece(about 3lbs.) I put a cup of maple syrup on it. I will let ya'll know how it comes out. How long did you let it cure?
  5. pecanwood

    First Fatty x 4!

    They look great!
  6. pecanwood

    Fattie #2

    Very nice I have one on the BGE right now.
  7. pecanwood

    Bacon is done (Qview)

    I did a batch of Honey Black Pepper and a batch of Brown Sugar. This is the third time I make bacon and it is the best batch yet. The my wife and three year old girl love it. Here are the pics. Ready for the smoke house Honey Black Pepper Brown Sugar Fresh out the smoke house Sliced and...
  8. pecanwood

    My ubs

    I cut a vent into the fire box so I can control the heat ok, but only used it a few times so I am still working with it.
  9. pecanwood

    A fattie for me, a fattie for ,,,...

    Still waiting on that Qview.
  10. pecanwood

    Tried the ham. looks as good as it taste

    Ham looks very good and I like the smoker.
  11. pecanwood

    Baby Backs, a Butt, and Dutch's Beans

    Looks very good.
  12. pecanwood

    Spring Butt with Qviews

    Looking good. It will not be too long before I put one on my BGE.
  13. pecanwood

    My ubs

    Just wanted to let everyone see my UBS I made from two 55gal drums. Let me know what ya'll think.
  14. pecanwood

    Bacon is curing Qview

    I am curing some bacon I have some pics, but have not figured out how to add my pics yet. I will add them later. One has honey and cracked black pepper and the other belly has brown sugar.
  15. pecanwood

    Green Eggs

    I have a BGE and love it. It was a little pricey, but I can do anything with it. I have put all types of things on my egg if you can put it in your oven you can bake it on the BGE even a cake. It makes the best pulled pork that I have ever eaten. The BGE will never rust out and has a life time...
  16. pecanwood

    Skin on or off???

    Starting a batch today.I do not like the skin to eat so I am going to remove the skin before I cure it. Thanks for the input. I will try and post some pic of the process later.
  17. pecanwood

    BBB first time!!!!

    Very nice, this is the first time I have seen this type of bacon. I am new to the site, but I will have to try and me some very soon.
  18. pecanwood

    Skin on or off???

    Should I remove the skin off of the pork belly before I cure it or leave it on and just take the skin off after smoking? Let me know what ya'll think I have seen some very nice bacon on here. Thanks
  19. pecanwood

    New to the site(Louisiana)

    Hi everyone I am for the Louisiana in a little town of Ville Platte we have a lot of smoke meats around here. You can find all kinds of smoke meat in most any store. I been having a Big Green Egg for about a year and a half. I just made a smoke UBS and have been making bacon,tasso(smoke pork...