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  1. wncrick

    New traeger.... Need a Lil info...

    If all else fails I will upgrade in the end, but hopefully it won't come to that. I forgot mention there was no wind to speak of and the ambient temps ranged from around 55 to 70. I even did the second cook inside a three sided metal shed to make sure a breeze wasn't causing the problem...
  2. wncrick

    New traeger.... Need a Lil info...

    Thank you guys for the info. I measured the chimney height and it was 3/4 inch. Tech support said that was correct. They said they have changed the startup procedures from the way the manual says. They are sending new instructions to startup. I'll try that and see how it goes next time I...
  3. wncrick

    New traeger.... Need a Lil info...

    So my wife gave me a new smoker after my last stick burner rusted into a heap and she had it hauled away..... This a traeger 572 and my first experience with pellet smokers. After the initial burn in. I started a couple butts on 225. I watched the temps oscillate from 175-305. After 3 hours...
  4. wncrick

    Meat from Food Lion (If you have one near you)

    The verdict is in. I tried out the vac sealed steak a couple nights ago. Started with a 1.4 lb choice ribeye. I put a light coating of oil on it, then seasoned it with fresh ground sea salt, cracked 5 peppercorn blend, and a touch of garlic. I seared it over a screaming hot grill for just a...
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  7. wncrick

    Meat from Food Lion (If you have one near you)

    I will have to pick up a few more butts before the week is out then.......I kept waiting for that .99/lb again, but that didn't happen. Rick
  8. wncrick

    Meat from Food Lion (If you have one near you)

    So I took the little one out this morning to do our grocery run. Food Lion had $1.49 pork butts so that was my first stop(they were .99 last year, but that is as cheap as I've seen em this year). I'm outta Q so it is time to smoke something. Then I hit lowes foods cause that's the only place in...
  9. wncrick

    Beef price is getting stupid .

    pork and beef both up over 30% here in two months...........your not alone Rick
  10. wncrick

    Educate me on brisket

    I've smoked those little flats, and done pastrami outta the cured ones. Ya'll know I like to live on the cheap side so I picked up a 10 pound one today(about 2.50 a pound(just select grade)). So educate me on what I bought. Is this a packer brisket? If nothing else i'll grind the whole thing for...
  11. wncrick

    Carolina Sauce

    correct coast........somewhere in the middle are some other variations, but that pretty much nailed it...... Rick
  12. wncrick

    been sawing wood for a couple days

    Thank you gentlemen.  I appreciate it.  Nice fella from the site told me it's a close cousin to the live oak(we have plenty of those here as well).  I'll do a lil  test run with it and do as you guys suggest and give results.  Thanks again. Rick
  13. wncrick

    been sawing wood for a couple days

    Brought down a huge oak in the front yard.  I know all the Q joints back home smoked with oak.  This is a laurel oak, is it suitable to smoke with or just campfire wood? Many thanks Rick
  14. wncrick

    Anyone thinking about the north fl gathering?

         If I don't get a better option, I plan on renting a car and making the drive.  Anyone wanna carpool?  You drive and i'll buy the gas.  You ride and i'll split the gas.  Drop by and pick me up and i'll pay for all the gas.......  Just wanting to get there.  Still a month or so to think about...
  15. wncrick

    jerky from Walmart?

    I'll take a better look and let you know the brand.  Pretty large variety back in the hunting section.
  16. wncrick

    jerky from Walmart?

    It's too cold to smoke anything, but I did see they had all the hunting items on clearance at walmart (while looking for ammo) and that included the jerky seasonings.  Are any of these worth trying?  I rarely try these kind of things, so i'm curious.  Anyone have experience with this? Rick
  17. Flounder for breakfast..........

    Flounder for breakfast..........

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