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  1. prowler53

    Cheese that is long past "Best if used by" Date

    Thanks....I smoked it up this AM. I'll wait a couple weeks and see how it tastes. I usually don't have cheese laying around that long, but I bought about 40 lbs when it was on sale and never got it all smoked.
  2. prowler53

    Cheese that is long past "Best if used by" Date

    I have about 12 Lbs of Cheddar, Swiss, and Colby that is unopened and has been sitting in my fridge for almost 2 years. All in original plastic package and the Best By date has expired 1.5 years ago. Was going to Smoke cheese this weekend when I remembered I had this cheese in a spare fridge...
  3. prowler53

    First Cheese smoke and first time using Amazen tube.

    Thanks for the tips!  I didn't do anything with the chip loader, and I did close my vent 1/2 way to try to solve the thick smoke.  I'll try those tips on my next smoke.  I need to get a good thermometer to monitor the temp inside also.  Anyway...I decided to sample some cheese last night and it...
  4. prowler53

    Why one should learn to control their smoke when smoking cheese or other products.

    I knew a fellow years ago who smoked his own cheese.  He would smoke it on a Sunday and bring it in for us to eat on Monday.  It was excellent!  I will try this method the next time I smoke cheese.  I just finished my first cheese smoke this weekend and I have my doubts about how well it turned...
  5. prowler53

    Clean, Cool Smoke via Thermodynamics

    Great Info....Thanks!
  6. prowler53

    First Cheese smoke and first time using Amazen tube.

    Well I was at Cabelas over the weekend and planned on picking up some hickory wood chips, when I spotted the Amazen Expandable Tube on the shelf.  I seen all the reviews on here about how good it works and decided to buy it.  I wanted to grab some Hickory pellets also, but they were sold out. ...
  7. prowler53

    First time electric Smoke with MES 30 #20079015

    After spending some time reading up on different electric smokers I decided to purchase the Master Built from Lowes with the digital controls on the front.  Our local store only had one in stock so I made sure I was there early today and purchased it. I was dying to give it a try today, so I...
  8. prowler53

    Newbie using electric smoker

    Just stopping in to say Hello from PA!  Just purchased an electric smoker this morning and had Ribs smoking this afternoon.  Received lot's of good tips here before I made my purchase. Also read lot's of great tips to get me started.  Just wanted to thank the members for the reviews and info...