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  1. tucson bbq fan

    Pellet Smoker Bland Compared to old WSM

    I have an old Pitts & Spitts offset wood box smoker, and a Memphis Elite Pellet smoker. Real wood (and real-wood charcoal) ALWAYS imparts more wood flavors than pellets. Both give you the same chemical changes to the meat, like breaking down collegen, smoke ring, etc., that is a big part of...
  2. tucson bbq fan

    A pellet smoker that actually smokes meat??

    Two different subjects: smoke flavor, and the smoking the meat (also known as the chemical transformation that thin blue wood smoke does to the meat). Both pellet and stick burners can give you the great transformation of the meat if set up properly. Smoke flavor all depends on the pellets...
  3. tucson bbq fan

    A-MAZE-N Expanding Tube Pellet Smoker preview

    I got one for Christmas and have used it a couple of times.  It works great!
  4. tucson bbq fan

    Creating new bbq restaurant in pittsburgh need ideas

    Are you going to offer all the sides piled on top of the BBQ ala Primanti Brothers sandwiches? Sorry - I couldn't resist!  I used to live in Wexford and I miss Pittsburgh and yuins
  5. tucson bbq fan

    Made fatties, smoked them, ate them. Then froze leftover (cooked)

    Sorry, didn't see this last night. Pulling from the freezer last night or this morning (Wednesday) should be OK. The bacon comes out fine, not slimy at all. I've cooked bacon crispy in my microwave
  6. tucson bbq fan

    Made fatties, smoked them, ate them. Then froze leftover (cooked)

    Yes.  I regularly freeze (or keep refrigerated) fatties.  I'll re-heat thawed slices in a microwave covered container at about 1 minute to 2 minutes at 70% power and they come out nice and hot and are still moist.  I like to heat up a slice of fatty and put it inside an english muffin for a...
  7. tucson bbq fan

    A-MAZE-N Expanding Tube Pellet Smoker preview

    Hi Todd, How can we order these for christmas presents?  
  8. tucson bbq fan

    Confusion on brisket terminology

    I moved to Norway for a couple of years, and hauled my Pitt's and Spitt's smoker with me.  Talk about terminology issues! I went to one of the best butchers in Oslo and asked for Baby Back ribs and briskets.  They did not know what I was talking about.  So, I went home and printed out...
  9. tucson bbq fan

    Skinning a raw hog?

    I used a barber style electric trimmer/shaver to shave most of the hair off, then washed it down did the hot towels bit as described above and used a share knife (or straight blade razor if you have one) to get the rest of the hair off.  Sometimes I will scald (pour boiling water over part and...
  10. tucson bbq fan

    Need some help/ideas for Smoked mashed potatoes.

    I've smoked whole potatoes many times.  A little olive oil on the outside, a sprinkle of coarse salt and put them in the smoker till soft (I usually plan 2-3 hours for large potatoes when the smoker is at 225 or so.  You get a good smoke flavor on the skin and save using your oven. For mashed...
  11. tucson bbq fan

    Meater - Wireless Meat Probe

    The Tappaque seems to keep a small amount of data and can make it through short losses of connectivity without losing data. Long drop outs lose data.  If you look at the example graph I included - see the steps in the meat temps?  Those were connectivity losses before I figured out what was...
  12. tucson bbq fan

    Meater - Wireless Meat Probe

    It is the Tappeque from Innovative solutions LLC.  I've had it for close to a year. 1.  pretty good accuracy compared to several other top thermometers like the Thermapen.  Not as accurate as the Thermapen - but it is within a few degrees and for my don't open the smoker monitor - that is good...
  13. Meater - Wireless Meat Probe

    Meater - Wireless Meat Probe

  14. tapp example.PNG

    tapp example.PNG

  15. tucson bbq fan

    Meater - Wireless Meat Probe

    There are other similar products out there.  I use one that has 4 probes and a station at the smoker that links to your wifi in your house.  I can monitor temps on my phone or tablet anywhere.  I have gone out to eat, gone to meetings across town, and can always see what is happening, and if...
  16. tucson bbq fan


    There are several threads on pellets on this site -lots of discussions on different makes. I have never tried "absolute".  There are a bunch of pellet vendors who just buy form one of the big guys and put their own package wrapper on. I use Lumberjack - they make their own pellets and they...
  17. tucson bbq fan

    Hybrid Jalapeno revert

    I am assuming they started green.  Jalapenos (and other peppers) are green through early maturity.  Many people harvest at that point. However, if you let them continue to mature and ripen, they get stronger and bolder flavors.  As they ripen, they start to turn colors.  Jalapenos will turn...
  18. tucson bbq fan

    Smoked Pizza...Need Help

    the first time I cranked my smoker up to high temp for pizza, something similar happened.  Turned out, I had built up some residue from many smokes at low temp on the walls, and it had to burn off at high temp before it was good for pizza.  Now, before a pizza night, I fire it up to high heat to...
  19. tucson bbq fan

    Smoked Pizza...Need Help

    It is a bunch of time and work for a short cooking time.  What I do is hold a pizza party and invite family and/or friends.  I make up some dough ahead of time, gather lots of different ingredients and make a sauce and shredded cheese mix and then get my smoker heated up.  Then everyone makes...
  20. tucson bbq fan

    Smoked Pizza...Need Help

    I have done lots of pizza's on my Memphis pellet smoker.  Smoke and dough are a great combination, think of the best pizza ovens that are those large, bee-hive shaped brick or stone ovens that are wood fired. But:  Pizzas like to be cooked at very high temps.  650-1200 are used in professional...