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  1. distre

    Spatchcock Turkey Brining.

    Thanks everyone. I have 2 brining containers and have 4 turkeys. I read to spatchcock after brining, but didn't know a reason why other than ease of handling. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving
  2. distre

    Spatchcock Turkey Brining.

    Should I spatchcock my turkey before brining or after?
  3. distre

    Spatchcock Brine

    Should I spatchcock my turkey before brining or after?
  4. distre

    Vacuum Sealer Bags & Supplies - Discount Coupon

    Hi Lisa,       Do you have a discount code for March 2017? Thank you.
  5. Maybe My Last Chance To Smoke Cheese

    Maybe My Last Chance To Smoke Cheese

  6. distre

    Maybe My Last Chance To Smoke Cheese

    Had to take a day off from work. There were over 22 days in February over 70 up close to 90 degrees here and I decided this might be my last chance to smoke some cheese before its too hot. I hope this holds my Beautiful Wife and me over, because we need our Smoked Gouda. Thought I would do some...
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  11. distre

    MES Problems

    Thanks David, i wasn't thinking. Shorted element is what I thought but wanted to ask someone who might have known. Happy Smoking To You As Well Doug
  12. distre

    MES Problems

    I went to warm my 30" MES, I wanted to warm it to take out and clean the racks. I set it for 250 and it warmed up good. Started smoking bad, so I opened it up and had a small flame behind the element and thouht maybe some drippings so I put a little water on it. There was a spot behind the...
  13. distre

    Help with smoking goat cheese

    Thanks everyone, I agree, it is useless without qview, but I'm still in the planning stages . Trying to find out any do's and don'ts. I'll post qview afterwards, but I'm a little ways away from the smoking stage. Like Red Dog said He doesn't even have the cheese yet. But I hope to in a few...
  14. distre

    Help with smoking goat cheese

    Thanks Red Dog, I'll do that. Smoke it sfter it dries for an hour or two, then chill it for a couple of hours. If taste like it needs to mellow I can always vac seal it then. Thanks for the advice.
  15. distre

    Help with smoking goat cheese

    Thanks Red Dog, mfreel, & rgautheir20420, So I need to dry it some to form like a pellicle, as you would fish before smoking it. So now I'm wondering about the 2 week wait or use it right after smoking as some people do with fresh Mozzarella as Red Dog says. I've heard both ways. would...
  16. distre

    Help with smoking goat cheese

    Hello fellow smokers, I just found out about a source for fresh goat cheese. Has anyone smoked fresh goat cheese? I've smoked plenty of cheese, but not fresh cheese as goat cheese. Do I smoke it as I wiould any other cheese, maybe use a silicone mat like for baking since it is so...
  17. distre

    How far in advance can I smoke cheese?

    Hi SemperSmoke,          I just smoke cheese on Nov.1st. and vacuum sealed it for Christmas. After I finished it I got out my last pack of Pepper Jack and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks I did in March, so it's never too early. It just gets better with time. I was lucky I still had some. I always try...
  18. distre

    I love the bags from Vacum Sealers Unlimited!!! Pics included!!

    Flounderhead,            Myself I get the premium and they work great. I believe they are a couple mil thicker. You could PM Lisa B and I'm sure she could tell you. We have been very pleased with the premium. Good Luck and Happy Smoking. Doug
  19. distre

    What is the Best Electric Smoker for a beginner?

    Hello Mike,           Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people to help you with any problems or questions you may have. As for you your question, I own an older model 30" Electric Masterbuilt and love it. Others have their own opinions and that is all good. Do a few searches in the search bar...
  20. distre


     “The first thing I plan to smoke if I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest is Cornish Game Hens____________.”