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  1. smokinstevo27

    Another Pork Butt (Qview)

    I like the OJ, could you pick out some citrus with all of those other flavors in the mix? Points on the no foil, I converted a while back and the bark really is superior even if you have to wait a little longer. As always buddy you hit a homerun! Steve
  2. smokinstevo27

    Pork butt help, last one was really salty

    If you go to a restraunt supply place or a warehouse store you can find large containers of spices for relatively cheap. Mess around with small batches until you find the right mix for you. I always coat with mustard and have never had a pork butt come out too salty. Steve
  3. smokinstevo27

    9,000th Bear Post !!!

    Way to go Bear! I always enjoy our interactions. Steve
  4. smokinstevo27

    Wet Vs. Dry Wood Burn Comparison

    I sometimes forget to soak and if you don'[t do it for long enough it doesn't help any way. What I do when I don't soak is to wrap the chunks in foil with breathing holes to allow the smoke to escape. They smolder well that way for me. I like the test, thanks for the side by side pics.
  5. smokinstevo27

    Pizzas on the Grill for La Familia (Little Q-View)

    We love pizza here too! Especially off the grill, good job alelover.
  6. smokinstevo27

    My BBQ partner is born!

    Thats funny. Your boy is elite!  
  7. smokinstevo27

    My BBQ partner is born!

    Babies are only born at Baptist in emergency situations. All of the OBGYN practices work out of Forsyth. Not sure why.  
  8. smokinstevo27

    My BBQ partner is born!

    Thanks boys, this little guy is something else! We couldn't be happier.
  9. smokinstevo27

    My BBQ partner is born!

    Thanks Fellas! I'll be going to pick Mommy and Wyatt up soon to bring them home. He came a little early so I've been scrambling back and forth from hospital to home trying to get everything ready. Luckily he was literally born right down the street. Once again thanks for the love yall. Steve
  10. smokinstevo27

    My BBQ partner is born!

    We welcomed Wyatt Banner Hailey to the world July 21, 2011 at 1:16 AM. He weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz. He is going to be my barbecue partner and a great son! Here he is!
  11. stephen and wyatt.jpg

    stephen and wyatt.jpg

  12. smokinstevo27

    Rat removal (Anyone have any in depth knowledge?)

    Update! That little BSTRD (big) rat took off with the trap! THE WHOLE TRAP IS GONE. Hes either dying with it on his neck or he is laughing at me. Either way war has been officially declared and the BEARCARVER MOAT is coming out tommorow. No quarter shall be given to prisoners and my dog will...
  13. smokinstevo27

    Hello from Sacramento California

    Howdy polite guy haha! Man if you think you loved cooking outdoors before just wait til you start eating your favorite meats out of the smoker. Welcome to the smoke filled room! Steve
  14. smokinstevo27

    Chuck Roast and 'Taters

    Excellent, I like the combo! Great smoke Bob!  
  15. smokinstevo27

    Rat removal (Anyone have any in depth knowledge?)

    We live in a fairly old neighborhood. It was all farm land up unti the 20s and 30s. The city started expanding and then the section that our house is in sprang up in the 40s when GIs were coming home and needed a place to start a family. Needless to say the houses are sturdy but old and rats are...
  16. smokinstevo27

    Rat removal (Anyone have any in depth knowledge?)

    Damn just watched that video, that wasn't even fair, pretty tough game!  
  17. smokinstevo27

    Rat removal (Anyone have any in depth knowledge?)

    Looks like you found a picture of Sammy (the Bull) Gravano! The Gambinos were wondering where he was hiding.  
  18. smokinstevo27

    Rat removal (Anyone have any in depth knowledge?)

    Dude, Nancy Pelosi, the ACLU, PETA, and the AARP just busted in my house demanding to speak to a mysterious man named Meateater. Not sure why the AARP was here and when I asked they couldn't remember.  
  19. smokinstevo27

    Brinkmann Smoker Mods...

    Exactly. Making avent in the top is frivolous because the smoke already escapes. Its a lazy and cheap design but effective none the less. I second the welcome!  
  20. smokinstevo27

    Rat removal (Anyone have any in depth knowledge?)

    Oriental? Now PETA and the ACLU are at my door! I didn't expect this thread to be this fun, or funny